Soghla' Jared   

Character Information
Name   Jared
Rank   Soghla'
Position   Chief Science Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Vetus (aka "Ancients" or "TIQ")
Age   0
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 0”
Weight   125 lbs.
Eye Color   Purple
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   The Vetus are human-like, but with a raised mohawk ridge of hair that runs right down their back - right down to their medium length tail, which ends in a tuft. They also have tiger-striping on their back and arms, and much of their skin is covered in a very fine fuzz - like a peach. They aren't very tall. Jared has striking royal-purple irises.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Jared is an incredibly cheerful personality. He's a stark contrast to the Klingons which often surround him on the FHew, but he seems entirely comfortable with this - and with the fact that few aboard understand what he does, or even cares. Jared takes it all in his stride - he exists outside of Klingon concepts of weak and strong, as an observer and chronicler. He's hard to offend, any little threat to anyone.

In his quieter moments, Jared does show a melancholy streak - a sadness at the passing of years and centuries, and the people and cultures that pass with them. But for the most part, he is happy to live in the moment, and see what each day brings.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Jared isn't much of a fighter - he adamantly refuses to use weapons, and lacks the physical strength to be much of a combatant. He is, however, brilliant. This is often something strangers fail to fully realise, given his absent-minded nature and generally self-effacing attitude, but he possesses massive and diverse knowledge, and a hidden cunning. These have kept him alive a very long time.
Jared seems to have no particular ambitions. Either he has few goals, or he achieved them long ago and is now content to simply live life as an adventure. He is, however, fascinated by new ideas and new knowledge.
Hobbies & Interests
Aside from the aptitude for song and rhyme which all his kind share, Jared's hobbies are diverse - particularly in the arts and sciences. There are few things he seems particularly dedicated to though - quite often he simply joins in with the hobbies and pastimes of those around him - or reads, paints, or plays music in his own quarters.
Languages   Well over 100, many of which are from obscure parts of the galaxy and even extinct cultures.
Father   Unknown
Mother   Unknown
Brother(s)   Unknown
Sister(s)   Unknown
Spouse   Unknown
Children   Unknown
Other Family   Unknown
Jared is VERY old. No one is really sure HOW old. The Vetus for the most part are a regular humanoid race, except that they have no aging process - once reaching maturity, they simply stay that way indefinitely.

Jared is at LEAST several hundred years old, and can recall that period with clarity. There are suggestions from scattered memories - and also historical references on some worlds - that he may be several thousand years old. Beyond this little is known - Vetus memories tend to grow hazy beyond 5-10 centuries, and only scattered memories and rote-learning (which the Vetus tend to make into songs and rhymes) tend to remain.

For the last century or two, Jared has been living as his race tend to - as lone wanderers. Jared met captain Ro largely by accident, and quickly proved himself to be a valuable person to have aboard - the Klingons have some contact with the Vetus, and regard them almost as good-luck charms. Jared, for his part, is largely just along for the ride - and for the adventure.


Service Record
Jared has been informally part of Ro's crew for a couple of years now. Prior to that, there are no records of his whereabouts.


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