Soghla' Jared’s Personal Log - Docking with the Federations

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Title   Docking with the Federations
Author   Soghla' Jared
Posted   Wed Feb 10, 2010 @ 2:18am
Dear Lapsi...

The FHew is now docked at the station known as "Starbase 611", which I understand is where we're going to be based for the next few months or years - politics permitting. The station is run by a group of Federations - a sort of well meaning conglomeration of races, a little like the Achusi Alliance, but bigger. They seem good-natured enough, and I've been able to obtain some lab equipment for the cargo-bay. Allowing my to hopefully do some actual science when it's needed.

Our first mission seems to be a matter of transporting Diplomats. I'm hoping they're a little thick skinned, given everybody aboard the FHew tends to alternate between angry, moody and intoxicated. Marie came down to the hold with two bedrolls not long ago and said something about inducting me into the diplomatic core. It was a little hard to understand - given more that half her monologue was given over to swearing, and some very unflattering opinions about the captain. But I THINK the crux of it was that the everyday needs of our guests might be my problem now.

Even if that wasn't what she meant, it's probably a good idea.

They're settled down with their bedrolls next to my lab equipment. Now I just have to worry about food for them, as I don't know they'll be big fans of Gahk. We have some basic vegetable matter aboard. With luck I can blend that down along with some dead Rakht, and do a little artificial flavouring. Make a soup that's a little more palatable - hopefully that doesn't taste like what it was made from.

Marie seems to be on the edge of getting herself shot by the Captain, although it's always hard to tell with Klingons - they're always on the verge of killing each other.

Well... better go make soup...