Mission Logs
The Little Package   [ Posts: 0 ]
Tell has found herself pregnant to jaqwI'. While the crew are delighted, there are formalities that need to be observed. JaqwI's traditionalist parents need to be told, a wedding needs to be organized (as well as bucks night/hens night). Meanwhile Tell needs to work out what this means for her in her role as XO and CEngO of the FHew.
No upcoming missions
'Tis the season   [ Posts: 2 ]
Here is the place you can start you own PM about how your character celebrates Christmas (or it's cultural comparisson for non-humans). Participation earns an award and peer voting will gain the winner an additional commendation.
DS14 Crossover   [ Posts: 7 ]
The crew of the IKC FHew are called on to help a Federation station in trouble. It involves a clandestine run into hostile Romulan Territory. Sounds like fun.
The Prize    [ Posts: 6 ]
There is a way to cripple and demoralise the Corporates in a single strike; a Borg beacon planted on their Corporate home world. There is a prize here that the Corporation guard more closely than any other, as it is the reason the Vetus supplies them with what they need. In an unprecedented act of terrorism, the FHew crew are create a beacon and take it to the world. Once they find the Prize however, they realise they must not let the Borg have it. They must steal the most valued and heavily guarded Corporate prize from the heart of their culture, and all before the Borg Cube arrives.
Distress    [ Posts: 4 ]
The Du'hop Colony broadcasts an urgent distress beacon. A Borg ship has entered their system. The signal is cut off and the FHew sent to investigate. When they arrive they find a Borg Cube crashed on the surface, within a day's walk of the Colony.
Operation Tourniquet   [ Posts: 13 ]
The Klingon fleet at Q’Tahl was devastated in the opening salvo of the Gorn’s declaration of war against the Klingon Empire. Though Klingon battle practice rarely leaves many ships able to limp away from battle, the size of the force gathered at Q’Tahl for wargames has resulted in a large number of vessels arriving at Tengchah 20 in need of repairs and medical
assistance, which is straining the capabilities of the space station.

The IKC FHew and USS Prospero are ordered to report to Tengchah 20 to provide the Klingons with whatever engineering and medical assistance that can be provided. Starbase 48 in orbit of Cestus III is standing by to transport additional supplies and personnel
as required.

As ordered by:
Rear Admiral Richard Gates, Chief of Fleet Operations, 11th Fleet
The Madness of Ro' HoD   [ Posts: 10 ]
One by one Ro' is killing the crew. This is no test. The end is brutal and final. This is the day the crew find out if the great Ro' really can be killed, and someone else take the Captain's chair.
On The Job Training   [ Posts: 7 ]
The crew of the USS Prospero return for more combat training; a simple seek and kill against the FHew. It all goes terribly wrong when a Cardassian craft enters the fight. With their weapons disabled and shields useless, the FHew must find a way to save themselves and the Prospero crew. In the Pilot episode, In The Belly Of A Whale, the crew met and defeated Gul Iver. Now he is back with a taste for vengeance, and will not be dissuaded. Today either he or Ro' will die.
Cabin Fever    [ Posts: 10 ]
The crew is getting ill, seriously ill, and right in the middle of a major diplomatic incident. Without Ro' and the other high ranking command staff to help the Junior officers must face a set of impossible tasks before they also succumb to the illness.
Empty Promise   [ Posts: 9 ]
An alien ship from myth appears on the edge of Klingon space; a Lyan Predator. Inside is said to be weapons and technology that nearly destroyed both Romulan and Klingon cultures. Jared agrees to help the Klingons adapt this technology to the FHew if they can recover it. However, the crew of the derelict craft are still very much alive, and there is a threat that a Disruptor cannot answer.
Bugging Out    [ Posts: 17 ]
News gets to the crew of a secret laboratory where Jarvis is producing V-tech for the Corporates. It is one of a kind and destroying it would cripple their ability to produce new items for years. However when they get there, the crew find a number of V-Tech items that they may be tempted to "repurpose". And something has escaped from the Bio-Containment lab. Something big and fast, that likes air ducts, and has acid blood...
Training Room    [ Posts: 10 ]
The Command team of the FHew are invited to train a group of top Federation recruits who will serve in a combined forces starship. During the training the station is attacked and the FHew destroyed. With an unfamiliar training ship, and a handful of raw recruits the crew must find a way to stop a force capable of destroying a starbase, or die.
Forgotten Glory   [ Posts: 20 ]
What if you woke up, not knowing where you were or why, but pretty sure somebodies life depends on what you do in the next 30 minutes, and that life may be your own.
Marie's Mind   [ Posts: 12 ]
Marie wakes to find herself in psychiatric care in a Federation facility. She has been here since she was rescued from the ruins of the Nouvelle Nouvelle Calédonie. Apparently all of her time on the FHew have been a disassociated delusion. Now it is up to the both of them to look at the delusion and what it means.
Cloak and dagger   [ Posts: 21 ]
The Maego ship was boarded and destroyed by Klingons. Obviously they are sympathizers to the Kapular. Incensed the Maego will demand an account from the Klingons. The KDF will quickly discount the action of the FHew and blame the Federation, who are equally quick to distance themselves from any association. Without any evidence ot support them, it seems the only way to appease the Kapular is to banish the FHew and all of her crew. Even this may bring dishonour on the entire Klingon people.

Just when all is lost, help is offered from the most unexpected places. Access to the Captain's log, the black box and a full sensor account of the Fhew's activities and complete exoneration... all they have to do is run a little errand: deliver a Corporate plant into Maego Territory.

But there are members of the crew who would rather die than have any truck with the Corporation. The question is, at what price for their people. Will they allow their own pride to bring dishonour to the entire klingon race?
Cold Realisation   [ Posts: 11 ]
On the run from a hostile fleet the FHew seeks shelter amongst in an Asteroid field. Amongst the Detritus they find a derelict Maego vessel. Beaming aboard to investigate they find the crew frozen in more and more alarming conditions. In the end they must face a choice. Do they turn and run through an entire hostile fleet, or face a far darker menace on the ship?
Bug Hunt   [ Posts: 11 ]
A hunting trip on Iapetus has gone terribly wrong. Alien Ambasadors weere killed and the federation has no answers. The Klingon Delegate, General GharwI' HI', has become impatient and demands he is allowed to mount his own investigation. The Federation resist, but compromises when the FHew is suggested, as they are part of UF, and only a small force.

Picking up the trail of the strange attackers, the FHew gives chase. Is this a lone raiding party, or part of something much more sinister?
Foreseeable future   [ Posts: 14 ]
The battle with the Borg is complete, but the FHew is in bad shape and as she makes her way from the battle she is caught in a spacial distortion.

The next thing the crew know they are 50 years in the future, in command of a new Federation/Klingon Empire. They stand on the brink of a war that will stain the skies with their names in blood and fire forever.

And yet not everything is as it seems.
Resistance is Futile   [ Posts: 4 ]
A Borg scout ship find the FHew and boards her. The drones ignore the crew, instead concentrating on weapons, defences and Impulse engines. When they leave the FHew has been rebuilt into a Borg Killer. But the Borg are not finished with her yet.
Darkness Dawning   [ Posts: 11 ]
A giant robot vessel is detected. Although it seems a derelict, with no life and minimal power, the site of it scares Jared. He warns the crew they must do everything they can to destroy this vessel or it could spell the end of the galaxy!
New Blood   [ Posts: 21 ]
The crew are shaken and disturbed by the fight with the Borg and the loss of the little girl they had come to know and care about. Ro' decides some R&R on the home world is called for. While there he is to attend the Coming of Age ceremony for Thor'nan's child and decide if he is worthy of joining the crew of the FHew. Then there is the question of the new doctor. Will he be able to impress when it matters most? What will the crew get up to now that it is time to let off steam?
Re-born   [ Posts: 26 ]
The Newly rebuilt FHew respond to a distress call. Upon arrival they find the wreckage of a battle with a Federation and Borg ship. Amongst the wreckage is the body of a small child; a 3 year. The child wakes when brought aboard and the FHew. However, as they take her back to Federation space, she begins to convert into a Borg and the crew must decide how to respond.
Allegiances 4   [ Posts: 20 ]
A trail of clues has led the FHew to the base of the 'Black Faction', an army of Klingons, Nausicans and other mercenaries all carrying the equipment of House Matlh. When it is discovered that the army is in fact being raised by CoQ Matlh, younger brother of Haqtaj, in an attempt to eliminate her power base once and for all, the crew are faced with a near impossible choice. Do they fight and die for Haqtaj and Matlh Fleet, or do they side with CoQ as head of House Matlh and keep this treachery a secret from her?
Allegiances 3   [ Posts: 10 ]
Word has come to the House of Matlh that the Federation are setting up a secret staging platform on the borders of Klingon space. The Federation are entitled to place bases wherever they like within their own teritory, but the fact that they have hidden it from their nearest allies is worrying. When the FHew is sent to investigate they find things are far more serious than suspected. The question is, do the humans amongst the crew help gather incriminating data, or will the FHew be found out? A chance for glory in the Federation at the cost of the Klingon people.
Allegiances 2   [ Posts: 16 ]
When the FHew are on the hunt of a renegade Romulan Warbird Hay'legh is faced with some difficult choices. Does she divulge the secrets of her people, or does she die with her new crew in battle?
Blood Reckoning   [ Posts: 14 ]
Marla's Father has been murdered by Anti-Human fundamentalists. Marla must trace the killers down with the help of the FHew. Then she will need to decide, does she report him to the Authorities like a Human, or challenge him to mortal comat as a Klingon.
Operation Foxtrot Uniform   [ Posts: 14 ]
A member of the House Matlh has been abandoned in the middle of a Warzone. The FHew is sent to retrieve him in a fast and bloody manner. Feel free to let them know House Matlh was here!
Lest we forget...   [ Posts: 29 ]
{This is a cascade story, where most of the plot is hidden from players until they reach different stages. It is quite different form how these are often done, in that the end result will remain a speculation between all of them.}

Jared brings word to Ro' that he has found a location just withing the Romulan Neutral Zone where house Matlh could recover a number of fully functional warships left driffting and abandoned, but they will need to go soon before the Federation Vault team makes the trip to Miletus. When they arrive they find more than they bargined for. What caused teh people to leave this ships adrift? Why are they gathered here? And what is Jared's dark secret that has brought them all here?
Bloody Captain   [ Posts: 13 ]
Frustrated beyond endurance by being 'nice' to the crew of the Arcadia and the diplomacy of the Ubatti, Ro' retires to his cabin to get drunk. Then he turns to wandering the halls finding crewmen to take his anger out on. How will the crew respond whne it is their turn? Hide, Stand tall and take a beating without complaint? Fight for all they are worth/ Or will Ro' pass some of them oer as unworthy opponents? And what will happen when his first officer finds him in this state?
Alligences 1   [ Posts: 38 ]
While on a regular cargo run to the Ubatti world Tell, Jared and Haylegh go missing. Before Ro' and his crew can give chase they must deal with the allegation that they are smugglers, one of the most sever crimes amongst the Ubatti. Marie is left with a choice; does she renounce the crew and retain her freedom, or cast her lot once and for all in with the rest and risk jail time or worse? Meanwhile, who is the man from Tell's past who wants her enough to risk the wrath of the House Matlh? And who are the real pirates who carry the badge of House Matlh?
Stricken   [ Posts: 8 ]
On their way back from the Morach Colony the crew of the FHew come across a Federation warship, the USS Arcadia. She is severly damaged and main power is off line. If she was a casualty from the Gorn/Tholian conflict what is she doing all the way out here? Why won't she answer hails? Why are her shields and weapons charged? Is this a trap or do the humans desperately need help?
In the belly of the Whale   [ Posts: 38 ]
While on a mission to transport urgently needed medical supplies and a couple of guests to Romulan space the crew are intercepted by Cardasians who are after something the IKC FHew is carrying. Can the crew find out what it is the Cardasians want and, when they do, will they be willing to part with it before they are destroyed?