Mission Summaries

The Little Package   [In Progress]
'Tis the season
DS14 Crossover
The Prize
Operation Tourniquet
The Madness of Ro' HoD
On The Job Training
Cabin Fever
Empty Promise
Bugging Out
Training Room
Forgotten Glory
The task is to break in and assassinate a key Corporate business figure. This will be a major blow to the credibility of the Corporation in the area.
Air and Germite steal an ambulance. They take HIchop who is made to look badly injured, to the Hospital, since emergency vehicles are not screened for weapons.
Jared and May’bel break into the computer systems to open a hole for the transporter to go through.
Once at the Hospital Hichop uses his knowledge and previous training to make his way to a location where he beams weapons from the ambulance to the Kitchen.
Marie is in the kitchen preparing. She will take the weapons, beamed to her in the kitchen where a hole in the grid has been made, and deliver them to Tell.
Tell is in a dress hobnobbing with socialites to keep a watch on the mark at a Corporate function. The Function is screened from transporters and no weapons are allowed. Tell and Marie will target the Corporate dignitary. Jared will drop the shields and Ro’ will beam Tell and Marie out, while Air grabs HIchop, and Jared and May’bel move to their own LZ
What they were not aware of is that the Function is actually a weapon symposium. On sale is a State of the art Mind-Wipe weapon, capable of wiping a days worth of memory from the mind of everyone in 500km.
The Federation has caught word of it and are running a blockade of the planet. Linx beams aboard the Miranda class USS Prospero.
The corporation ship arrives with its payload and three support craft. The Prospero tries to warn it off. Tensions rise. Ro’ realises things are going to go bad and calls his team out. A firefight between Corporation and Prospero begins. There is a detonation and the weapon goes off.

Flash of white and a ringing noise.
* Germite is in an ambulance with a surprisingly sophisticated set of weapons and blood over much of the stuff. He appears uninjured, as does the young human pilot. Neither is aware of where they are or what they are supposed to be doing. Long range sensors can detect weapons fire, and it looks like there is a Federation vessel in the middle of a fire fight.
* HIchop becomes aware that he is standing in a hospital supply room. He appears to be holding some sort of transmitter and at first look it appears he is losing a lot of blood from a chest injury. It is soon discovered that the injury is fake however. He does not know where he is or what the device is.
* Marie finds herself in a kitchen with a lot of other staff standing around looking bewildered. She is dressed like a waiter and has a large covered bowl in her hands. If she peaks under the lid she will find a very advanced assault disruptor. Other than that she does not know where she is, but there are sounds through one pair of doors that suggest a large gathering. The rest of the people around her look equally as confused but many of them return to their default which is to prepare food.
* Tell is aware of light and sound around her. She is in a large ball room and in a fantastic dress. She is like a Disney princess. As she becomes aware of the crowd around her the music starts up. The crowd around her seem a little confused as well but the music soon sees some of them begin to dance. At one side of the room is a man with grey skin who appears to be a figure of some importance. He is scanning the crowd with a worried expression.
* Jared and May’bel become aware they are together in a dark room filled with computer monitors, and dead bodies. Given the blood on May’bel’s knife it is a fair bet that he did most of the killing, though neither of them can remember why or what they are supposed to be doing here. The set up seems to be standard security for a large facility. Internal monitors, shield controls, long range sensors. Two things are obviously amiss though. One, is that there appears to be a firefight between a Federation Miranda class vessel and a number of smaller vessels and two, there appears to be a hole in the security field where someone has parked an Ambulance.
* Linx is aware of smoke and heat. She is lying on the carpeted floor of a Federation starship and as she regains her feet she realises it is the bridge of a ship which has suffered recent damage. Two of the bridge crew are dead, including the Captain. One other is badly injured and bleeding freely from a stomach wound. The other two crew, ensigns, one at helm and the other at operations, seem to be dazed and confused. The main viewer shows a growing debris field of a recently destroyed ship and three unfamiliar vessels all in attack formation.
Marie's Mind
Marie wakes to find herself in psychiatric care in the Federation's Moonshadow facility. She has been here since she was rescued from the ruins of the Nouvelle Nouvelle Calédonie. Apparently all of her time on the FHew have been a disassociated delusion. Her psychologist, a vulcan by the name of Tem Par, offers to help her unpack the delusion, so she can see what it is and come to terms with reality again.

Her home and family gone, Marie has invented a new family who will accept and protect her. They are a small, close knit community who are strong enough to survive anything. The appeal is obvious. And each of the characters means something to Marie. Starting with the captain: Ro' - The father figure and strong leader, distant as her own father was, and firm, even abusive, but this one is filled with genuine concern for Marie and is able to acknowledge her value and success where her real father couldn't. He is also the protector of the group, strong and a reputation for never being defeated.

Marie is summoned to the bridge by Ro' he has been impressed by her performance and wants to see if she is ready for even more command. She is promoted and told to get the Marines to do some manual labour. That can include making a certain female marine muck out the Targ pits.

Tem asks her about her most recent delusion, noting that it is interesting to see how her own actions of taking more responsibility are supported in her delusion. This is a good sign. Looking now at the second and third figures who are linked.

Tell - The some times first officer. A mother, sister, lover figure all in one. She is her superior and cares and maintains the 'Ship'. She is Marie's closest friend and the most like her, but there is a distance there, just as there was in Marie's real maternal relationship and she is never able to imagine the close relationship there no matter how hard she tries.

HIchop - The brick wall of violence. This is the Ego, Marie's own psychological defenses. When things get hard it is HIchop who takes over from Tell as first officer and protector. The two swap roles depending on how Marie is feeling on a particular day. The most telling fact is his smooth forehead, as if he is not completely Klingon.

While in the line up for food she hears Tell yell "Wake up!" when she turns there is no Tell but the person behind her in the line says, "Wake up, the line's moving."

Marie witnesses a fight between HIchop and Tell. There are limited resources to make the repairs that are needed. Tell is demanding that the ship get new power couplings and relay switches. HIchop wants to stock the depleted photon torpedoes. In the end they turn to Marie, as quarter master, to make a decision.

Tem finds it intriguing that she was forced to make a choice between the two. Which was more important to support her psyche. Asks her a little about the decision she made before moving on to the next person: Jared - Marie's intellect. He is the sage and the wisdom, alien in a very real world from the violence around her, yet an insolvable member of the 'Crew'. Marie finds at times that her own mind calls her to a different path, but it feels out of place with her experiences.

Jared presents his findings to the crew about a Vetus working for the Corporation. He explains the implications of that and the danger they must be under now that the Vetus is aware of him. Tem is sitting in the meeting next to Marie and notes how interesting it is that he, as an outside intelligence that is threatening the stability of this delusion, is identified as a hostile threat that must be fought. Jared, her intellect is fighting against him, but fears he needs support of the whole ship to maintain the 'Ship'.

Marie is to be given a medical. Tem escorts her to the medic who is Germite... or at least looks like him. While Marie is being pocked and proded Tem discusses Germite - Marie's nurturing side. An interesting one, since he was a more recent addition. When her Ego was no longer able to maintain the nurturing nature it was shifted to a new invented entity, one which is a sampling of a real world person, and now it seems displaced and lost. It is as if Marie is unable to find and come to terms with the nurturing side of herself and so locks it in a small room and tries to ignore it.

During the procedure Germite says things like, "Does he always prattle on like this?" and "Don't worry. It will all be over soon." But then as she is leaving he grabs her arm and whispers, "Be ready to run when the time comes."

Marie steps through the door and finds her self in a room on the FHew with Lynx. She asks her if she is enjoying her time on the FHew and if she has ever considered returning to a Federation vessel and crew. What is it that attracts her to her current role, etc.

Stepping from the room she finds herself in Tem's office. Tem is very encourage by her most recent episode because of who Lynx represents: Moonshadow - A federation operative, introduced into the 'Ship' to care for her and the others; calling her back to what it means to be human. This is an unconscious impression of reality on Marie's psychosis. This was the first sign that Marie was beginning to become aware of her surroundings again.

Suddenly there is the sound of an explosion and the room is bathed in the red glow of Red Alter lights, even though there are no light sources visible. Tem informs her that he believes she is at a critical point in her progression. She can now choose to be free of the delusions and return to a normal and integrated life.

The door bursts open and May'bel rushes in, warning Marie not to listen and to leave at once. Tem sees and talks to May'bel - This is her violence let loose. All of her aggression and urges are given free reign in May'bel. There is no fear, no repercussions, no restraint. The final defense, the final hurdel for her to overcome. May'bel attacks Tem., but the Vulcan has strength on his side finally May'bel pulls a disruptor and aims it at Tem. Tem tells Marie it is time for her to make a choice. The FHew is an illusion and she needs to let it go. If she does not then the delusion will take her over completely and they will not be able to reach her again. She will be lost to the real world for good.

If she chooses reality then May'bel will beam out and the red alert will finish. Tem will warn her that she has a long way to go and there may be relapses into the delusion occasionally, but that she has taken the right steps.

If she chooses the FHew, she and May'bel will beam out, but when she arrives she is greeted by either Tell or HIchop asking after the supplies he was gathering and none of the crew will know anything about what she experienced, though One of them might remember a strange quirk in a Federation text book about some people who reported delusions during transportation.

Either way the adventures of the FHew continue...

Cloak and dagger
The ship is on a journey of a couple of days, running silent, inside hostile territory. T Hey have no Torpedoes, and their ship is being repaired as they travel. Systems are failing, but the Cloak MUST stay operable.

They have on board the new Federation Diplomat who will be trying to get to know, and support the crew (or at least the Federation members). Some of the crew will like here, many she will rub up the wrong way. Find a time to do a post where everyone has some one on one time with Lt Moonshadow, just so we can work out how you all relate.

They also have their Corporation passenger; the mysterious E. She/He/It is a shape shifter and will soon be roaming the ship. I will write a post for each of you where she finds an opportunity to talk to each of you alone to see if the Corporation can do anything for you. This is another post, like the one where CoQ offered you wealth and power to do in Ro'. E should find something to offer each of you that will be very difficult to refuse.

In the end, we will arrive at the destination where E will beam down, disguised as a Maego, to begin Weapon trade talks with the Maego empire and we can leave.
Cold Realisation
The ship trapped in the asteroid is a 256m Dodecar called the Hariba Garia. She was involved in the fight with the Borg (Ep 15 Resistance is Futile). Something happened and she was unable to return to Maego space, instead choosing to hole up here.

When the crew arrive, they will be able to access the front end of the ship and enter onto the Bridge. They will find the ship dead and without power and all of the command crew in their chairs frozen in state, but otherwise unharmed and unpeterbed by being dead. It is as iff all the energy (heat, power, life) has been sucked out of the room. The only thing that seems out of place is the captain whose speaking crystal, normally worn around the neck has been removed and placed into a recepticale. It can be removed but will require being returned to the FHew for analysis.

Moving down through the ship they will come to a corridor where crew members are frozen in the act of shooting holes in the walls of the ship's coridors. Their faces are worried but determined. It looks for all the world as if they were trying to self destruct the ship with hand weapons.

Half way through the ship they will come to what apears to be a medical bay gone mad. Amidst the collection of crew, now looking quite scared, shooting at walls and equipment, there is a crewman being held down by coleagues as a doctor amputates his arm. All are still frozen in this strange powerless rictus.

Finally the crew come to engineering. This is where the final reveal is to take place. No Spoilers.
Bug Hunt
Foreseeable future
Resistance is Futile
Darkness Dawning
This is an ancient evil that once threatened to end all life across this galaxy. in a long forgotten time all species banded together to try and end this menace that thrived of technology, consuming, mutating and making it their own. Their efforts were futile. The bigger and more advanced the weapons and defences, the faster they attracted and fell to their foe. In the end something happened, the details are lost in time, that sent the entire menace into a dormant state.

Fear gripped the galaxy, since any form of advanced technology could re-awaken this foe. All of space was plunged into a dark age, where any technological races was hunted and exterminated, less it awaken a greater menace. It spelled the end of the Iconians, T'kon, and countless others. This is one of the Reasons the Vestor do not use any of the awesome technology they could design and make. Any of it could re awaken the menace.

However, the dormant ships have not been seen for millennia this side of the galaxy and their existence has past to legend and then beyond. They are forgotten.

Now a lone ship has been found by the FHew, still dormant, but wandering towards populated space. It is only a matter of time before it discovers a race advanced enough to call its attention. And once it awakens, it will call to others, and there will be no stopping them. Trouble is, the FHew doesn't have the fire power to destroy one of these ships. No modern vessel has what it takes. The only way to shut it down it to get on board and use the ship's own weapons against it.
New Blood
Allegiances 4
Allegiances 3
Allegiances 2
Moment before picking up a Federation Engineer his shuttle is destroyed by a Romulan Warbird in Federation space. Starfleet mobalises all ships but the Fhew is the nearest and is teh one with a Romulan First officer. Question is, will Hay'legh tell the Klingons how to detect a cloaked Romulan ship or will the FHew be caught and destroyed by this Rouge Romulan before Federation help can arrive.
Blood Reckoning
Operation Foxtrot Uniform
Lest we forget...
Bloody Captain
Alligences 1
This is the first JP with another crew: http://ussarcadia.newhorizonspaces.net/index.php?page=main

Details will follow
In the belly of the Whale
We have picked up a shioment of medical supplies from a Vulcan Doctor, Malok, bound for a Romulan Colony just past the Federation Neutral Zone. Medical supplies are listed as Immuno-bossters for a particularly virulent plague on the Romulan Colony, Morach.

Also two passengers, a Romulan Merchant, Dimok, who failed to open a shop on 611 and a Bajoran Ambassador to the Romulan Senate, Anor. We will be depositing them all on Morach along with the medical suplies and then returning.

After leaving 611 however we are hailed by Cardasian Hideki class fighter who demands we hand over what we are carrying. We must Cloak or Fight, because we are not fast enough to run.

As we reach the Neutral Zone we find a Galor Class is waiting. We Cloak to move past. The Galor gives chase and opens fire. During this time character specific tasks are preformed and it is discovered that the Bajoran is a Cardasian in disguise.

The Cardasian is forced to admit he was being sent on a covert mission of peace to Bajor but didn’t want to go. He hoped to disappear and leave the blame on the Bajorans hoping to harden the Cardasian resolve. The Obsidian Order obviously got wind and is trying to retrieve him.

If we stop and surrender him they may kill us as witnesses. If we make a run for the Colony we may be destroyed. Or we can dump him into space (in an escape pod) and let them find he is not aboard (pretend he never made the scheduled departure time). Then the Cardasians would have no further need to pursue us.

It will be up to the crew to work out amongst us the best option.

Character specific tasks during this mission wil be as follows (so start thinking of good mails):
Tactical and Helm: must find a way to avoid the Galor, since it will be too big to fight.
Engineering and Science: must find how they are tracing us, perhaps a hidden signal beacon on the hull.
Quarter master: to go through goods in hold to find out what the Cardasians want. This will include items of value from the Romulan Merchant (pocket a few) and an device for detecting Cardasian cloaks, such as a transponder frequency (important in our next mission).
Medical: must treat the passengers that are injured, and discover the Bajoran is a Cardasian in disguise. Perhaps some antibodies in his blood that are only produced in response to Cardasian allergies to Klingon food.