Soghla' Marie St. Helene   

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Character Information
Name   Marie St. Helene
Rank   Soghla'
Position   Quartermaster
Second Position   Tactical Officer/Ordinance Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   37
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 11”
Weight   0 lbs.
Eye Color   Green
Hair Color   Currently red
Physical Description   Marie wears her hair short and spiky.
She has a scar running from below her right ear in a curve across the front of her neck to the hollow at its base. Another runs down the outside of her left leg from just above the knee to halfway down her calf. Numerous other smaller scars adorn her body in various places.
She is tall and wiry. Her frame belies her strong musculature.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Acerbic, annoying, intolerant are just a few adjectives that have been used to descrive Marie St. Helene.
Tolerant, understanding, compassionate have never been applied to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Marie is a brawler. She fights mean and dirty.
- She's had no martial arts training so someone with any skill should be able to take her down.

+She's adept with many hand weapons like knives and swords. She's a good shot with a phaser and is deadly accurate with throwing knives.
- Again, she's had no formal training with its subsequent limitations.
To survive to the next day.
Hobbies & Interests
Who has time for hobbies and interests? Her only interest is staying alive.
Languages   Fed. Standard, English, French
Father   Pierre St. Helene
Mother   Elena Hernandez
Brother(s)   None
Sister(s)   None
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family  
Marie was raised on the colony world of Nouvelle Nouvelle Calédonie located close to Romulan Neutral Zone. It was always going to be a marginal project as it was largely made up of artists looking for new vistas to photograph, new light to capture, new colours to paint. Few were they in the original settlement who had any understanding of management or administration.
It might have survived but rivalries along the frontier meant that different powers sought to influence and buy factions within the colony to enhance their own schemes. The various pitches led to instability. It wasn’t long before the colony descended into chaos.
Marie’s father left his partner not long after her birth. There are many stories circulating about his departure: some say he disagreed with the side Elena took in the internecine struggles that substituted for politics on the colony; some say a more attractive women took his fancy; others say he was killed in a street brawl; there are those who say he just got sick of the constant arguments which characterised his family life. There are even those who sneer and say it was actually Elena who kicked Pierre out because she couldn’t stand being Helen St. Helen. Not that she and Pierre were ever married but if you wanted to get under Elena’s skin there was no quicker way of doing so that calling her that.

Marie was always a wild child. Before she had ended her first decade she was already running with the local gang. She chalked up her first killing before she was twelve; she lost her virginity that same night. By fifteen she’d been arrested five times and spent more hours in the lock-up than she bothered to remember. All these were badges of honour. Still she wanted more. The street gangs offered no way forward. It was all petty battles which never resolved anything and, anyway, the gangs controlled too little territory to have any influence on what happened on Nouvelle Nouvelle Calédonie.
No, Marie St. Helene had her sights set on bigger things. The only problem was that she didn’t have a clue how to go about achieving her, as yet ill-formed, ambitions.
All that changed with one of those occasional visits the Federation insisted on to look like they were trying to change the situation on Nouvelle Nouvelle Calédonie – as if one starship and its crew poncing around for a few days every two years or so could ever achieve anything. It all looked good for the News Service cameras then everything went back to normal as soon as the vessel was out of orbit. But, this time, something appealed to Marie. It certainly wasn’t the crew – well, if she was honest there was a certain female officer she was attracted to but....No, it was the notion that there were bigger vistas out there – vistas grander than the couple of blocks the gangs fought over.
She signed up for Starfleet and applied for the Academy.
One look at her record and the Academy was placed out of reach. They wanted super-clean do-gooders, not rough and tumble, live-by-your-wits types like her. Life in the ranks didn’t much suit her either. Report after report spoke of her abilities – if only she’d actually exercise them on a consistent basis; report after report decried her attitude which she made all too apparent on all too regular a basis. She was ill-tempered, she showed no respect for authority, she was far too open in her criticism of crew and officers alike.
In short, she was not Starfleet material.
Her career ended not very long after it began – within the year she had been dishonourably discharged.
Marie’s reaction – she was off Nouvelle Nouvelle Calédonie and that was all that mattered.
Nothing much is recorded of the next decade of her life. She wandered the quadrant getting work where she could. It did not matter to her what it was as long as it paid. Then she got a tempting offer indeed. A Klingon House needed crew and they didn’t seem particular who they were or where they got them from. Sounded like just the thing for Marie St. Helene.


Service Record
Given that Marie was dishonourably discharged from Starfleet in under a year, her service record would be better off not being mentioned. It's filed away somewhere in Starfleet records under the category 'NEVER TO BE RECRUITED AGAIN.' It's not alone there but it has few companions.


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