Crewman Recruit UKnown Uknown   

Character Information
Name   UKnown Uknown Uknown
Rank   Crewman Recruit
Position   Assistant Chief Science Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human - Genetically Engineered
Age   20
Physical Appearance
Height   0’ 0”
Weight   147 lbs.
Eye Color   Changeable
Hair Color   Changeable
Physical Description   Rana can change her appearance of hair and eye colour depending on her emotion & mood.

White: Pure, Innocence
White-Grey: Bored, Frustrated
Bright Yellow: Imaginative, Creative, Hopeful
Warm Yellow: Mixed Emotions, Scared, Unsettled, Sad
Orange: Daring, Stimulating
Pink: Fear, Uncertain
Red: Anger, Energetic, Excited, Adventurous or Curious
Purple: Sensual, Clarity
Sky Blue: Calm, Friendly, Relaxed, Happy, Loveable
Dark Deep Blue: Pain, Depressed, Sad, Mourning.
Green: Nervous, Anxious
Grey: Normal, Average, Netural
Grey-Black: Stressed, Tensed, Very Nervous and Anxious.
Black: Dark, Chaotic. Death.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Physical age is 20, but from her amnesia, acts like a teenager.

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Strengths & Weaknesses
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She honestly has no clue.
Hobbies & Interests
Hacking, I guess. She likes it cause she found she is good at it.
Languages   Common
Father   Dead
Mother   Dead
Brother(s)   Doesn't know if she has (a) brother(s). Presumed dead.
Sister(s)   Doesn't know if she has (a) sister(s). Presumed dead.
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   Dead
Maddison was part of the Federation-Klinon War of 2267 between the Federation and the Klingons. The Klingons had the upper hand and were wiping out the Federation, subduing, keeping some as slaves.

The Federations for desperate for recruits from an experimental ship. This experiment ship was built in with new temporal Engines, which would allow the Federation to go back and forward in time. The plan was to go back in time and pass on information of the war and the strategic points they could claim before the Klingons, resulting in lives being saved and the Federation having a chance when the war begun.

Maddison, with the basic training she had as a junior science officer, boarded this ship as a part of the crew for work place training. As the time portal was being made & prepared for travel, something was not lined up correctly with the calculations. Maddison told this the captain this. However, as the Klingons were getting closer, they couldn't spare much time and had to activate the portal without making second checks.

A portal was made and they went through it. it turned out that, instead of going backward in time, they were going forward. Most of the online systems fried up from the pull to the future. Everything distorted around them during warp, only to find the ship heading straight towards something similar to a black hole. The ship was stuck in a gravitational pull and was sucked through it. Surprisingly, the ship survived being pulled through the black hole, just holding together. However, the damage to the ship was so bad that it could not function possibly, let alone not make a second trip into warp drive. A lot of the crew, including Maddison an the captain had injuries, as they were tossed about a fair bit during warp.

As nothing could be done, the captain requested that a distress signal to be beamed out.

Out of no where, a few rogue ships appeared next to the small ship that was neither Federation or Klingon. The crew boarded and asked who the captain of the vessel was. He greeted them and asked for assistance. The leader of the crew laughed and declined, before executing the captain before the crew. The leader then said that this ship was under pirate control, and that it belonged to them. The pirates went through and killed half of the crew, however, spared some of them and took them as slaves. Maddison, in shock from seeing her captain and other crew members die in front of her, built up the courage to sneak past a few of the pirates and joined the group of slaves headed towards the pirate ship.

Back on the main pirate ship, a few of the crew members at a time, were beamed down to a planet and given to the doctors an scientists on the planet for testing. They used syringes with some reddish-orange matter floating through a clear liquid. One at a time, each crew member was strapped to a table and had this injected into their necks. It reacted to some people in different ways, some died from overheat and combustion, some died from blood loss, some from freezing. A few just collapsed from total organ failure and never got up. Some people tried to break free or run away, but those were usually shot. Killed before they hit the group. The pirates didn't mind, it was fun for them. As Maddison was guided towards a table, she saw a pile of all the dead bodies. Feeling ill, she was shoved onto a table and strapped down in place, too weak to fight. The serum was injected into her neck.

First, nothing happened. Then, she got a pounding headache, she then felt hot, then cold, then her vision reduced and everything got blurry. The last thing she remembered was sharp and horrible burning and pain sensations all through her body before she fainted. When she woke, she was in a dark cell alone. Her head hurt, and remembering what happened to her made her head throb more. Before long, the scientists and a few pirate guards and escorted her back into the operating room. There were only a handful members of her crew here. The ones who had survived the serum. They were all put on the table again and injected with a drug again, this time more potent then the last one. This repeated a few times, everyday. Each time resulted in excruciating pain and fainting. Over time, the handful of people became less and less, until only 4 people remained.

There was one last serum that they had. And it was stronger then the others. As it was injected into Maddison's neck and instantly made her hyperventilate. She screamed as her whole body rapidly spasmed in pain. She looked to her side to the others. The coloured girl from the group.

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