HoD Ro' Matlh’s Personal Log - Captain's Log Stardate: 61731.46

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Title   Captain's Log Stardate: 61731.46
Author   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Mon Feb 15, 2010 @ 1:18pm
We have set out from the Federation Starbase 611 for the Morach Colony. We are taking passengers and supplies to the Star Empire. Qoq has acquiesced to the Federation lackey's requests to reduce my status from HoD to La'. In response I have promoted all the Klingons in my crew to Sogh, and the humans to Ne'. He rules the house, but I rule the fleet.

Tell has suggested a feast in honour of a Human hero, one Valentine. I have agreed. I think it will be good for the crew to relate in a more relaxed fashion. They will need to rely on each other, to fight and die together.


The feast was a grand occasion. We even got in a little fighting. However it was interupted by Cardasians demanding we surrender something we are suposed to be carrying. The day a Hideki class dictates to a B'rel is the day I apply for Romulan citizenship. HoS dispatched them with minimal damage to the FHew, but it has left me dispondant. Is this what we have become; a passenger linner to be molested by 2-bit pirates?