DS14 Crossover – You have arrived at your destination
by HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   You have arrived at your destination
Mission   DS14 Crossover
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Apr 13, 2017 @ 1:03am
The FHew was adrift, her engines dead, her power running to cloak, but nothing else.

In Engineering, Tell held her hand on the panel that always tried to vibrate. JaqwI' was watching the roof, as if he could see through the deck plating to what was happening outside.

In the hold Marie was watching like a hawk that nothing came loose or rattled. With the artificial gravity disengaged, she was floating free, trying not to bump or scrape against anything. She didn’t think anything was in danger – not right now – but when the gravity came back on line.... Then everything would hit the deck – or whatever was the new floor of the hold – with an almighty thump. Anything breakable would be smashed to smithereens and there were a lot of things in there that Marie did not want to see broken.

On the bridge, Ro' forced himself not to hold his breath. He stayed in his chair by gripping the arm rests hard.

In front of him Air was strapped to the pilots chair, eyes glued to the forward monitor. The monitor itself was filled with a large green device of death; a Romulan auto-sentry.

The FHew drifted through space all eyes fixed on the sentry for the slightest twitch. May'bel's hand hovered over the auxilary power control. If the sentry detected them he would have no room for hesitation. There would be a delay while the secondary generator powered up and shields came on line. Plenty of time for that sentry to tear their small ship to pieces.

The time lasted a thousand years, a million, and age, all in a single held breath.

Suddenly the silence was broken by a computer voice speaking in Federation Standard: We have cleared the detection grid.

Ro' breathed a deep relief, "Bring systems back on line. Maintain cloak and re-establish course."

The power came back on through the ship and Ro' turned in his chair to the Romulan, two Xanthians and two humans who had come aboard from DS14.

"A simple insertion. This is what the B'rel was designed for. Good luck getting a K't'inga through that!"

The monitor was now filled with a green world. The seas were green, the landscape foliage was green, even the rocks and mountains that could be seen had a green hue.

“I gather we have arrived,” Rahaen'fvil said as she stepped through the door from the corridor connecting the forward hull to the main part of the ship. She had spent most of the journey to Romulan space checking and rechecking supplies and equipment. When the systems had shut down she stopped what she was doing and waited. The shutdown could mean two things: one, this decrepit ship was falling apart or; two, they were approaching the Romulan surveillance net. She hoped it was the latter but fully expected to find out it was the former...and find out in some disastrous and fatal way.

When the systems came back on-line with no apparent consequences from their temporary absence, she breathed a sigh of relief and headed for the bridge.

"There is our destination," Ro' continued with an expansive wave. "Prepare your team. You may take up to three of my crew with you."

“I will need someone with technical expertise,” she said. “I know the flower we are looking for and orbital scans can locate sizable clusters of it. Someone who can handle themselves in difficult situations would be useful too...maybe one of your fellow Klingons. I will leave the third up to your judgement.”

"All of my crew can 'handle themselves'," Ro' growled. "Tell, my first officer is Technical. As for Cargo moving, that's Marie, our Cargo master and Chief Tactical officer. Given it is also a medical mission I will send Germite, our field Medic."

Out of a crew full of Klinogns, he had nominated three humans. Was he joking, or testing her? She already had the two humans from DS 14, the St Clares, to manage.

Tell rolled her eyes as Ro' chose her. Flower plucking duties was not her favourite pastime but it would make a change from being on the FHew. She left to find some suitable equipment and weapons, just in case.

Rahaen'fvil nodded her acceptance of the arrangement. She turned to the pilot. “Have you found a landing spot among all that vegetation yet? And have scans located any sources of the plant we’re after?”

Marie looked up from Tactical. “We’ve found a few small fields but we’re still looking. I’m assuming you’ll want to get down, pick a whole lot in one go then get out of here.”

Rahaen'fvil nodded again.

Air whistled and shook his head at the readings he was getting, "With this vegetation and uneven surface you would need an expert pilot. Not one person in a hundred could pull this off."

Ro' grunted, "But you can."

The pilot seemed surprised at even being asked, "No worries."

The St Clare sisters had their equipment ready and were waiting for the FHew to land.

Tell turned up with equipment on a pallet. Always worth taking to much instead of too little.

There was the sound of landing legs extending and after a moment a light in the hold turned green, alerting the crew it was safe to open the ramp. It slid open with a slow whir and exposed a warm landscape covered in rich vegetation and full of sounds of birds and animals protesting the FHew's intrusion onto their turf.

While Tell swatted insects and lowered the pallet to the ground, Aowyn could only stop and stare at the lush foliage and plant life around them. She was in botanists heaven and was determined to get as many samples of plant life as she could.

"Oh my, just look at this place."

"We haven't got time to look." said Tell "Rahaen'fvil lead the way if you would."

Thanis had once been an industrial world, mined heavily, but that was decades ago and the strident life of the planet had claimed most structures here. Unlike Xanthos, though, these were not twisted and dangerous places, poisoned by chemicals and radiation. Thanis was a paradise.

However, it was of not strategic interest to the Romulans and as such the colonies had just been abandoned.

They found a few small bushes almost immediately and most of the crew fell to grabbing samples while others stood guard.

"They say there were some our people on this world once," One of the Xanthians said wistfully. "Perhaps one day we will be able to return here and reclaim their bones and relics."

"Let us focus on reclaiming Xanthos, before we dream of colonising the Galaxy," the older Xanthian warned.