DS14 Crossover – Flower Run
by HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Flower Run
Mission   DS14 Crossover
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Apr 13, 2017 @ 1:05am
Location   2 minutes from DS14
Another shower of sparks filled the bridge.

"I will be happy when we run out of sparks," Ro' glowered.

Jared looked up from where he was extinguishing the remains of his science station, "You.... really don't want that to happen, Captain."

"Range?" Ro' barked.

"20,000 Kelicams and closing," Air reported.

"They have upgraded their weapon systems then," Ro observed dryly. "Engine status?"

"We are barely maintaining Warp 6," Air replied. "If you start drawing power for extra shielding or weapons we are going to be an easy catch."

"How far are we from DS14?"

"Two minutes," Jared replied.

"They will catch up to us well before then," Ro' growled. "I had hoped that they would abandon their chase once we came back into Federation space."

He glanced to Ael, and observed, "Romulans are nothing if not persistent. I suggest you contact your home and see if they are willing to lend us any aid. Otherwise that Romulan ship will run us to ground before we even manage long range sensor distance."

“You...Marie,” Rahaen'fvil snapped. “Get me a channel to that Romulan. Use this frequency.” She shouted details over the noise and confusion.

Marie was about to respond that that frequency hadn’t been used in centuries. Then she realised that was probably the point. She reached over to the communications console and punched the information in.

“This is Riov Ael Rahaen'fvil,” she yelled in Romulan at the console. “I am on a Tal Shiar mission to take urgent medical supplies to Khazara. And before you point out I’m on a Klingon ship, rest assured that I’m fully aware of the fact. Do the words ‘top secret’ mean anything to you? My authorization is....” The string of Romulan which issued from her mouth was unintelligible to everyone on the bridge.

There was no reply, and Ael knew that in the current environment the Tal Shiar did not carry as much weight as it used to. But even if it bought them two minutes of confusion that would be enough.

Tell entered the Bridge. She had managed to bring engineering under control but they were struggling to bring the FHew back to full power.

"Cap'n the best we can do is 53% on the shields. If they attack we run a risk of losing them altogether. Recommend we contact DS14 and ask them to standby with weapons as we come in."

"That," Ro' responded, "Was what I was expecting our guests to do. Apparently she still thinks of Romuls as her home."

"Rahaen'fvil," he barked, the name flowing effortlessly, "Contact DS14 and request assistance. B'rel rear shielding is notoriously poor."

As if to illustrate the point the ship rocked again. Apparently the Romulan ship had made its decision about the validity of Ael's claims and found in favour of just killing her and the ship.

This time Rahaen'fvil didn’t bother waiting for Marie to tap in the codes. She leant across and did it herself. “DS14, this is the FHew. We need assistance. Now! There’s a Romulan on our tail. If you don’t get rid of it, you won’t get your plants.”

Ensign Jones heard the call and instantly responded. "Stand by, FHew."