Ensign Jason Hawk   

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Character Information
Name   Jason Hawk
Rank   Ensign
Position   Chief Flight Control Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Human
Age   25
Physical Appearance
Height   6’ 0”
Weight   205 lbs.
Eye Color   Steel grey
Hair Color   black
Physical Description   very fit,His eyes have been described as 'dreamy'
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Jason is a very quiet person, he has never fit in well with others not even at the academy. He is a very proud man, proud of his brother, and proud of the uniform he wears (That doesn't mean he gets along well with others). Highly trained senses as any good Starfleet officer would have, Has a burning hate of the Borg because of what happened to his brother when he was the helmsman on the USS Enterprise-E (His brother was assimilated when the Enterprise went back in time to stop the Borg from preventing First contact with the Vulcans)
Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Specialist in Anti-Borg tactics
  • Skilled in Hand to hand combat, uses Jujitsu and has achieved 3rd level Mastery in Aikido and Judo
  • Avid stick fighter and sword fighter. He uses Jar'Kai, Juyo, Shien, Ataru and has even created his own sword style by using the best elements of these four styles.
  • Medical training
  • Excellent pilot
  • Skilled with a phaser holds rating of 98% accuracy


  • Hates the Borg for what they did to his brother, will never rest until they are obliterated form the galaxy
  • Hates the Jem'Hadar, knows they aren't truly responsible for their actions in the war but still hates them
  • Doesn't get along well with any other humans (Including most Starfleet personnel)
  • Is unwilling to risk his career by showing his 'shortcomings' around other Federation personnel so when forced to be around others he more or less shuts down
  • Ambitions
    Professional:To rise as high as he can in Starfleet
    Personal:To raise a family, to eradicate the Borg
    Hobbies & Interests
  • Training
  • Reading
  • Music (Country)
  • Stick fighting
  • Sword fighting
  • Martial arts
  • Languages   federation standard,Irish(Picked up as a hobby), some Altrusian
    Father   Daren Hawk Deceased
    Mother   Jean Hawk Deceased
    Brother(s)   LT Neal Hawk (deceased)
    Sister(s)   none
    Spouse   none yet
    Children   none
    Other Family   none
    Jason hawk grew up in a small town in Kentucky called Owensboro where he and his brother would run through the fields with friends playing tag or just racing, He spent the summers Travelling back and forth to New York to spend time with his grandparents however when it came time for him to be entering Star Fleet Academy he moved out to San Francisco. Just as he was entering the Academy his brother Neal was graduating, it was also at this time that the Dominion attacked the Academy, luckily he wasn't killed he was however blind for three days following the attack from trauma received when a conduit he was passing exploded and burnt his retinas. Shortly after joining the Academy his brother LT Neal Hawk was stationed onboard the USS Enterprise E when they went back in time to prevent the Borg from stopping First contact and assimilating Earth. He was informed a few days later that his brother had been KIA (Killed In Action) Defending the Enterprise. Ever since then Jason has had a burning desire to wipe the Borg from existence, He hates the Jem'Hadar (though to a lesser degree).


    Service Record
    Jason joined Star Fleet just as his older brother was graduating and a few days before the Dominion attack on the Academy. In Jasons second year at the Academy he was selected to be a member of the elite cadet group known as 'Red squad'. Later in his second year he chose to pursue Advanced anti-Borg tactics in order to find out how to best avenge his fallen brother. Jason loves to go fast (weather he feels it or not) . Later after his course in Anti-Borg tactics was completed he studied to become a pilot as a second skill, he soon found he had a natural gift for piloting everything from the smallest of fighters to a galaxy class starship (which he has done on 3 separate occasions).In his third and fourth years at the academy Jason continued to take the standard courses as well as some more advanced martial arts classes (Aikido & Judo) and in his spare time perfected a sword style of his own that he can use with either one or two blades. In the final half of his fourth year he studied a wider selection of subjects so he could be a better officer he has some ops experience and a little science and even some more advanced medical training (enough to save someones life in an emergency). After graduation Jason was stationed on Earth as a Expert on fighting the borg. More recently Jason has been assigned to the new Federation/Klingon joint response fleet and has been posted on the IKC FHew under the command of HoD Ro' Matlh.


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