Ensign Jason Hawk’s Personal Log - Ensign Jason Hawk's log Personal Entry

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Title   Ensign Jason Hawk's log Personal Entry
Author   Ensign Jason Hawk
Posted   Wed Nov 02, 2011 @ 2:33am
Jason sat down on a rock, his uniform still covered in blood a mix of blue, red and some that he couldn't describe. And the smell oh the smell was horrible so much so that the taste of metal that rose from his uniform and filled his mouth covering his tongue and made him wretch. Pushing it back down he pulled off his service jacket and shirt and threw them a few feet away after taking off his combadge.

Jason took a few deep breaths and then tapped his combadge.

=,'.=Record log, Jason Hawk personal entry.=,'.=

He paused to rub the sweat and dirt from his face.

=,'.=(Sigh) Well, my stint aboard the FHew has been....memorable to say the least. After a small disagreement with HoD Ro' I crashed the ship. I had no choice it was that or let the ship and crew die. Anyway, there was a disagreement Between Ro' and his nephew CoQ the leader...Former leader of House Malth I should say. We were initially outnumbered and out gunned but then something happened. CoQ announced that he was unfit to lead house Malth....He may not have realized he said it at first but he did. After that most of the Klingons changed sides.=,'.=

Jason took a drink of water to quench his his parched throat and hopefully wash away the metallic taste and also help keep the bile down.

=,'.= We fought for....I don't know how long. Could have been minutes, hours or even days for all I know. I have grown attached to this crew and through battle I have become protective of them and I would defend them with my very life if it cam down to it. We're repairing the FHew and when I have a chance I intend to ask Ro' for some additional training. I am skilled yes but I always want to get better. The next time I get a break I will record a more detailed log....End and save=,'.=

The combade chirped and Jason grabbed his shirt and jacket and set off back to the FHew or what was left of it for the time being.