Ne' Leah Vien’s Personal Log - Personal Log - Changing Tides

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Title   Personal Log - Changing Tides
Author   Ne' Leah Vien
Posted   Tue Jun 08, 2010 @ 3:41am
I have spent a bit longer on this ship then I had planned, but it might just turn out that the very thing that delayed my departure might in fact grant me new options. I can't say I trust these new captives any more than the captain or crew, but I do know we have a common enemy for the moment. If these new people are capable we just might be able to cause a mutany and I can replace the captain. I have heard that the rest of the klingon crew will not be a problem but I have a very bad feeling about it. Something tells me with how persistent they are I could very well be facing that ship again soon.

I am counting on the captain's fixation on this Tell woman to ultimatly undo him. I would have thought someone with his background might understand the danger of personal attachment but I am happy to show him his error. The rest of the crew will be easy enough to sway, and perhaps if my little foreign helpers won't give me their loyalty after all this they can enjoy the airlock experience with the captain when the times comes. The tricky part will be to play on the captain's ego and forgiveness if this turns bad.