Ne' Leah Vien   

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Character Information
Name   Leah Vien
Rank   Ne'
Position   In The Wings
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   21
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 3”
Weight   97 lbs.
Eye Color   green
Hair Color   blonde
Physical Description   Leah is light on her feet, moving with a practiced grace with a petit figure and round soft features. Her sultry emerald eyes and plush red lips often give a friendly and alluring appearance despite her true interests and intentions. Leah's long blonde hair runs straight halfway down her back, often partly obscuring her face with a few strands.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Leah has grown up learning to use her looks and charisma to get what she wants. She uses people as long as she needs them then moves on to better opportunities. Even though Leah is very focused on herself it is as much for her own survival as vanity. Though Leah is personable and often appears friendly she doesn't trust easily.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Leah's greatest strengths are her interpersonal skills and getting others to see things her way. Though she often depends on persuasion for great success, it can also turn against her, as prodding a Razor beast is only safe when it still confined in a cage.

Leah's worst weaknesses is her own insecurity. Often hidden behind a smile, Leah knows that just as her sweet performances can be false, so is the attention she receives. Leah knows deep in her heart that she has no one to confide with, and when it comes down to it, those she mingles with wouldn't be there for her when it really counts.
To live long enough to pay off her debt to the ship. Leah doesn't plan too long into the future, and she is just living day by day to survive and try to get that lucky break.
Hobbies & Interests
Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Dance. Leah performs acro-dances that combine dance and acrobatic movements and positions. Other dances Leah enjoys are irish folk dance, tribal bellydance, and more modern club dances.
Languages   Common, French
Father   Lex (adopted father)
Other Family   unknown
Leah's life was unstable right from the beginning. She was abandoned by her parents for unknown reasons. A man by the name of Lex found and raised her and took care of her in Paris, France. Leah enjoyed her time socializing with friends, doing gymastics and dance lessons. She had a natural talent and had the chance to profesionally dance but her stepfather was unable to pay for continued training.

It was just off a whim that Leah accompanied her friend to a starfleet recruitment seminar. With her step-father's money troubles Leah was suprised to find starfleet had opportunities for her to continue her education. Leah and her friend both signed on to starfleet that day. Nearly four years later a day would come which Leah couldn't forget though she desperately wanted to. By the end of that day she found herself fleeing starfleet academy, leaving everything she had worked for behind.

She spent her time going from one bar or nightclub to another entertaining as a dancer to barely scrape a living. After a time she found a trader who offered her a deal she couldn't help but take. The trader was involved with many ilegal activities including piracy, and offered Leah a little extra pay if she would act as an informaing. Leah's job was getting to know the space captains and what valuable cargo they held, and in turn relaying that information to her new employer.

Leah seemed to be doing better with a more stable income with the help of the criminal activities when she found herself as part of the pirate's crew as they kidnapped a member of a klingon ship. Leah knew she was only getting deeper involved with crime and this might be the chance to clear herself of these pirates. During the climax between the two crews she betrayed her former business partners and made her escape, shortly after joining the Klingon ship's crew.

Currently Leah is just trying to ajust and survive on an alien ship with alien crew, but she knows it is only a matter of time before her past with Starfleet will come back to haunt her.


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