Allegiances 2 – Conference
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared & Ne' Leah Vien & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Eredh Hay'legh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Sogh Marla Varquis

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Title   Conference
Mission   Allegiances 2
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared & Ne' Leah Vien & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Eredh Hay'legh & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Sogh Marla Varquis
Posted   Tue Mar 01, 2011 @ 1:12am
Location   Conference Room
Timeline   2 minutes after Romulan appearance
Ro' stormed into the Conference room. It had been cleaned out of the merchants' goods that had been stored in here after the Peloc Rot mission. Now it was set again for people to meet and talk. Ro' made his way to the head of the table. With the Beq's taking the Bridge it left all the Officers free to attend a briefing. Ro' watched them arrive one at a time.

Tell took a deep breath and walked into the conference room and found a seat. She wondered what was going on, no doubt they would be told one way or the other. She had seen many things whilst she had been on the FHew; most of them scared the hell out of her but she had got through them. She glanced at Ro' who, by the looks of him, wasn't giving anything away just yet. She wondered what he was thinking about.

Marla followed shortly behind Tell. She was getting curious as to what was going on. Her Human Half wanted to know what was going on, while her Klingon half hoped that a fight would be involved.

HIchop looks to his panel as he stands to move to the conference room. "Ah," he things to himself. As he walks into the conference room he looks to Ro enthusiastically, wanting to share what he had gleaned. "Sir, I have an initial analysis of the debris field." Hichop stopped there and took his seat - kind of half seated, half ready to act. He realised he had spoken out of turn. Was it better to keep on going or to wait to be asked for the information? He decided to wait, wait to be asked or wait for a Ro retaliation.

Ro' gestured for him to sit. He was still waiting for Haylegh, Leah, Jared, May'bel, and Marie.

Marie could feel Klingon hostility in the air a good twenty feet before she reached the Conference Room. It didn't take Betaziod empathic abilities or anything like that, just a good working knowledge of the dynamics of life aboard the F'Hew. That, and good ears. She could hear Matlh pacing. Hiscop said something and Matlh stopped. There was a... pregnant pause might well sum it up. The universe holding it's breath might be another way to put it.

She took a deep breath, held it until almost at the door, released it and then took another one. She let that go as she crossed the threshold.

"Captain," she said, deliberately choosing the Federation rank, if for no better reason than to rile Matlh. It was becoming somewhat of a sport to her – a dangerous one, to be sure, but she found it was giving her life some purpose beyond mere survival. Given that 'mere survival' had been her aim for as long as she could remember, this was a step forward. In such few quiet moments as she managed to scrape together, she did admit that it wasn't much. But that was still better than nothing. Anyway, it used a weapon she possessed and could effectively wield – her tongue. To say that Klingons weren't verbally skilled was – she knew – a stereotype, but she'd found this lot acted first and spoke later – if at all!

Hay'Legh stalked into the room, her thoughts focussed entirely on death. She did not care one way about the engineer or the destruction of a Federation vessel. All she cared about was that the Rhai'hlan and her commander was within hands reach, all she had to do was squeeze and he would be gone...

But she was on a Klingon vessel which meant that if she was to get what she wanted she would have to tread very carefully. Hay'Legh's frown grew deeper as she took her seat by Ro'. Things would be so much easier if this was her own ship.

Tag: Jared/May'bel arrival please.

Leah arrived but quietly made her way inside to not draw too much attention. Things had been busy enough and she had no idea what the stance was on their current situation with the Romulan ship.

Ro' watched the last of his officers take a seat then turned to HIchop, "Have you confirmed that the biological material in the wreckage is the Engineer, and that he was not 'rescued' by the Romulans?"

"We have detected enough biological matter of more than one humanoid life form. Samples would be needed to identify race and identity."

Ro' turned back to the rest of the officers, "I will remind you all that, as members of the KDF we are not in conflict with the Romulans in any way. However, as part of our agreement to have free access to Federation space, allowing us to support Ambassador Haqtaj and the members of House Matlh, we have agreed to be attached to Task Group Proteus in the 78th Task force of the UFP Bravo Fleet. This means I need to report back to them."

He stabbed at a button on his desk, "Coms, get me a line to Starbase 15, Captain Cann."

There was a moment's pause before the screen behind Ro' filled with the face of an elderly Vulcan, Cpt Vloc Cann.

"HoD Ro'. It feels like no time has elapsed since I was a guest aboard your ship on the journey here. What do you wish?"

Ro' growled, "I have to report complete failure. We have not managed to secure the Engineer. His shuttle was destroyed, all hands lost."

If the news surprised Vloc he did not show it. "Destroyed by what?"

"A Romulan D'deridex class. De-cloaked in front of use and fired before re-cloaking."

Vloc considered for some time in silence to the point the crew began to wonder if he had even heard the report. Finally he spoke. "This is alarming. According to my understanding of Romulan tactics, they would never attack unprovoked unless there was a substantial gain to be had from doing so. Also, a D'deridex is significantly faster than both a B'rel and a Type 6 shuttle. For it to have arrived in the middle of space at those exact coordinates, and at that exact time is unlikely. It is more likely that it chose to follow one of you and then act at that point, which means it chose to take action where such action would be observed and reported."

Vloc leaned back and steepled his fingers, "Why would the Romulans want us to know they killed the Engineer? It would have been easy to destroy you also and remove any witnesses. Do you have any idea who the Romulan commander was?"

Ro' glanced at his first officer, "Not yet."

Hay'Legh just stared back at Ro' and said nothing.

Vloc leaned forward again, "Regardless of their reasoning, there is an aggressive Romulan Warbird in Federation space attacking our starships. It must be tracked down and neutralised. Unfortunately, I only command the Proteus group, and that consists of scout attack craft such as yourself. The Themis and the Vlakyrie are in the area, but it will take them three days to reach you. As the closest ship, I am authorising you to find and neutralise the Romulan threat if possible. I will conduct diplomatic negotiations on this end to see if I can find out anything about the purpose of this attack. Romulan and Federation negotiations are at their most promising for generations. A lasting peace is foreseable. This could seriously jepardise those efforts."

"Understood, Captain. FHew out." Ro' stabbed the button to kill the connection and turned to the crew.

"New orders. We are to hunt down, and 'neutralise' a Romulan warbird over fifteen times our length. Anything anyone can provide at this point will be usefull." He looked at each crewmen in turn, his eyes coming to rest on Hay'legh last. chose to follow one of you and then act at that point.... That suggested to Marie that the Romulans knew where to find the ship in the first place and that suggested.... That suggested that someone told them. She did not like that notion. Her other thought was and which way will you jump: KDF or House Matlh?? I don't recall any we involved in agreeing to join this Task Group Proteus. As for hunting down a Warbird.... That idea didn't even bear contemplating.

Tell gave a snort of laughter. "One little B'rel against a Rommie Big Bird you have to be kidding me." she said sarcastically "How about a new ship? One that doesn't start to fly apart the moment you wind her elastic band up." she muttered under her breath "They would only have to breathe on us to push us over." Tell knew she was speaking out of line but on this occasion she didn't give a flying fig.

Ro' galnced at the engineer, "I share your concerns, Lagh, but it seem you have no trouble tackling opponents larger than yourself."

It took Tell a moment to recognise the promotion she had just been given. Apaprently word of her fight in the Mess hall had reached the Captain. A very small almost undetectable surprised smile appeared on the engineers face. She didn't expect that. "Thank you HoD." she offered.

"However," Ro' went on, "The bigger problem is finding them. Romulan Cloak technology is further advanced than even our own. We know of no weakness. The thing is, the Romulan ship will be using encoded transponders, which enable them to fly in formation without colliding, even while cloaked. Maral will tell you we use similar methods ourselves. If we knew which ship it was we were following, better yet the transponder frequency it uses, we would be able to trace it even while cloaked. Once we find it, we can work out how to neutralise the threat."

He turned again to Hay'legh, "As our resident expert on Romulans, what can you tell us about our quarry?"

Haylegh remained tight lipped. Ro' growled, "All right. Since no obvious answers are forth coming. I need everyone to explore any avenue they can find. Marla, see what you can find about piercing that cloak. Tell, land Jared, see if you can tune our sensors somehow. Leah, I want a wide search pattern based on the craft's last observed trajectory. HIchop, go over the sensor logs and see if there is anything there we have missed. Marie, any tricks you have up your sleeve, now is the time to use them."