Eredh Hay'legh   

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Character Information
Name   Hay'legh
Rank   Eredh
Position   In The Wings
Gender   Female
Species   Romulan
Age   68
Physical Appearance
Height   5’ 10”
Weight   0 lbs.
Eye Color   Black
Hair Color   Black
Physical Description   Extremely long straight black hair, which is worn in whatever fashion she feels is for the occasion...Though there is usually some form of weapon concealed either in among her black locks or in whatever hair ornamentation she chooses to wear.

Her F'Hew uniform is a strange mix between the standard Klingon uniform and the Rihannsu uniform - the idea for wearing part of the Klingon uniform is so that any of the Klingon crew won't mistake her for the enemy while in battle, which doesn't mean to say that they won't try to kill her anyway out of piquet...

She is proud of her 'family' heritage and is proud to be Rihannsu. That is what they call themselves and that is how she will refer to herself - not Romulan!. But she is a little different as she is of a strain of Rihannsu that does not sport brow ridges...Makes her perfect as an operative.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Hay'legh's Rihanssu name is Thei'khaiell ssuin hw'aenevha, which basically means "Let there be wind to your wings" But these Verrul Klivanu cannot pronounce even simple Rihannsu so they have lumped her with a nickname of their own - Hay'legh which crudely means - 'Shall we duel'

She is proud of her 'family' heritage and is proud to be Rihannsu. That is what they call themselves and that is how she will refer to herself - not Romulan!
Strengths & Weaknesses
To exact revenge on the Rihannsu Senators responsible for the death of her family.
Hobbies & Interests
Languages   Romulan, Klingon, Federation Standard
Father   Deceased
Mother   Deceased
Spouse   Deceased
Children   Son - Deceased
Other Family  
Hay’legh was a well respected and feared Rihannsu Officer who was recruited into the Tal Shiar where her dedication to the Rihannsu people (and she is of a genetic strain of Rihannsu that does not sport brow ridges which makes them look exactly as a Vulcan) made her the perfect undercover operative.

Her husband was also a member of the Tal Shiar though on the administrative side. They had a son of which her husband was the primary caregiver as she was off planet for most of the year.

While off on assignment, a renegade faction of the senate tried to take control and during this time systematically tried to wipe out families that were not loyal to it. Hay’legh’s was one of them. By the time she returned, the faction had been put down and Hay’legh’s husband and baby son were dead. It was suspected that prominent members of the senate were involved but it could not be proven and they were also too powerful for the surviving members of the senate to take action against. Since the senate was to give her revenge no satisfaction, she took it upon herself to kill those she thought responsible for her family’s death.

She had disposed of three of the suspected senate members before the main senate body knew what was happening and Hay’legh suddenly found herself transferred off world again on assignment by her Tal Shiar handler (she was too valuable an asset to dispose of). She had been assigned to liaise with the Klingons – House Malth to be exact, and Hay’legh knew she had been sidelined and sent to a dead end posting to either come to her senses or be left to rot.

She would not give up her thirst for vengeance and one day she will have the blood of the last three traitors on her hands or die trying – the spirits of her husband and son calls out for it.

So, it looked like she was to be left to rot…


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