Eredh Hay'legh’s Personal Log - A choice between Honour

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Title   A choice between Honour
Author   Eredh Hay'legh
Posted   Mon May 10, 2010 @ 2:44pm

Ahr'lhonaema ihirer hotaessraei hwiunaier iarr'voi ortaihkhevha na sienov. -- Nnerhin tr'Liemha, "Iemhiedh"
[It is cowardice to be reluctant to take up the sword for a just cause. -- Nnerhin tr'Liemha, "Discourse".}

And mine is a just cause.

But still my Mnhei'sahe [Ruling Passion/Honour/personal code of conduct] is waiting to be fulfilled. My dead family cries out to me in my sleep for vengence and I am beginning to find it hard to ignore my lyrrveoth [xiao, filial Piety]. I am finding it hard to sit out here in the backwater Klingon posting that is House Matlh and let the remaining murderers of my husband and son, of my mother and father live their lives.

This is where Mnhei'sahe and lyrrveoth come into conflict. I must decide which should take precedence. I must decide if my body will better serve my lyrrveoth living or dead, for in this case the duty to my family overrules all points of honour.