Eredh Hay'legh’s Personal Log - XO's log - 63810.98

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Title   XO's log - 63810.98
Author   Eredh Hay'legh
Posted   Wed Mar 16, 2011 @ 12:46am

Ahr'lhonaema ihirer hotaessraei hwiunaier iarr'voi ortaihkhevha na sienov..”
[It is cowardice to be reluctant to take up the sword for a just cause]

Rhuissa. Finally a chance to cull one of the names from my list. My Mnhei'sahe will be sated again after this last year. It seems sending me to the Klingon backwaters was not enough to keep the ryak'na away from me. My lyrrveoth will not be not be in conflict, it will not be damaged.

I did not seek Ghan’la out, for he came to me and I will not let this chance slip through my fingers. Failure to my family, my lyrrveoth is not an option. They need to taste his blood to help them rest easier in the beyond.

Then there will be only two who need to be reminded that corpses should stay under ground. Two who need to be taken from their families and shown what it truly means to die a painful death - to die the way her son and husband had at their orders.