In the belly of the Whale – Entering the starbase
by Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh

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Title   Entering the starbase
Mission   In the belly of the Whale
Author(s)   Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh
Posted   Tue Feb 09, 2010 @ 12:33pm
Location   Starbase 611
Timeline   30 minutes after docking at SB 611
HIchop is fairly pissed and not just figeratively. Having to be an ambassador and having to be a medic and having to be a medic for humans. They are like stone cups that shatter the first time you throw them up against the wall. He arrives at Dock 14 and demands from the panel "Where iss tha nearest hueman dockther?" The computer responds "Please repeat the question" HIchop hits the panal and it shatters and yells at it "where is the nearest human doctor?

=/=The nearest human doctor is Lieutenant Helen Lyons. She is currently located in Medical Research Laboratory two =/=

Hichop looks at the screen that is now trying to show him a map and would be if he had not already broken it. He manages to work out how to get there and makes his way. As he enters the Research Laboratory he calls out "Is Lieutenant Helen Lyons here?"

"Yes, I am." Helen looked up from the terminal she was working from and inwardly groaned. Not another Klingon!. Though, she did get a cheap thrill of satisfaction as Nurse Vrell suddenly backtracked away from the imposing man in the doorway. "If you are looking to be patched up in Sickbay, you will need to go to the deck above us. This is a Medical Research Lab," she said turning back to her work.

Helen looked back up a few moments later to see the Klingon still standing by the entranceway, watching her. “Are you after Sickbay? Or are you looking for something else?”

"Do I look like I need patching up?" HIchop grunted as he entered the lab. "I need assistance to create an inventory for medical items needed for humans as our ships current supplies are primarily for 'Patching up Klingons'. Can you assist?"

“You’re the Ships Doctor?” Helen stepped away from her work and moved towards the Klingon. “I can assist you with an inventory, but I will want something in return.”

HIchop ignored the Doctor question. It was bad enough being the Medic without having to actually state it to anyone. "A favour for a simple list?" Hichop scoffed with a little grin then after a short pause continued "Still I need to get back to my ship quick so what was it you want?"

“I just want some advice. Advice that would have come in handy a few days ago… How would you go about treating an uncooperative Klingon that does not involve clubbing them unconscious first?” Helen turned and gave the nervous Nurse Vrell a scathing look, “It would be helpful for some of the medical staff here to know any tips that could make their life easier and since there will now be more Klingon’s on base, I can see Sickbay getting an increase in visits.”

HIchop just laughs for a while, so hard that he needs to hold on to the table next to him for a second. "Pity you don't want to hit them with a phaser set to stun. Do that once and you probably wouldn't get any trouble from any other Klingon for a while. Still if you want them to co-oporate then try to explain to them that what ever you need to treat will probably cause them to be less of a warrior if left untreated. Also comment on how one of their colleges were amazing in how they coped with pain while you treated them and how if you weren't doing the work yourself you would not have believed Klingons could be that still while being medically seen to. They will still complain for a while but most of them will eventually comply if only to not be disgraced by another warrior. You might even get some refusing anaesthetic. They will be even more funny to watch as they try hopelessly to not show the pain they are in while you stitch them up. Good luck with that. Now on to what I need. Could you please give me a basic list of items needed and if possible can I obtain them from hear? I have been called back to my ship for immediate departure."

"Sure," Helen said trying not to laugh. "I'll run one up for you now and I'll have Nurse Vrell gather together a basic medical pack for you to take back with you. I'll upload a basic human anatomy handbook for you as well - that might come in useful as a certain Klingon on base keeps telling me how fragile we humans are."

HIchop had read about the human adventures and was amazed at how against all odds they seem to come out on top. "Yes you are fragile, but also amazing resilient. Thankyou for your help"

"You're didn't give me your name..."

"HIchop". he was getting more anxious knowing his captain wanted him back on the ship. Trying to bring the conversation to a close he said "Perhaps I might lean more from you when we come by this way next, but for now I need to return to my ship. Do I need to arrange for the items to be transfered to the IKC F'Hew or will Vrell arrange transport to dock 14?"

"I'll have them delivered to you, HIchop. Don't let me keep you."

With that, the Klingon quickly left to return to his ship.