Operation Foxtrot Uniform – These are the names
by Soghla' Jared

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Title   These are the names
Mission   Operation Foxtrot Uniform
Author(s)   Soghla' Jared
Posted   Fri Nov 12, 2010 @ 2:12pm
Location   Back of the FHew Bridge
Timeline   Right after Ro's breifing
Jared muttered as he pulled up the station's personnel and visitor files.

He wasn't about to man the Tactical station in a full scale Klingon assault, that was obvious. That just left him with about two hours to find a replacement Tactics officer.

What the heck was Ro thinking? How in that time were they going to find someone up to that sort of a job. Someone with both the skills and the trustworthiness to be the FHew's primary combat expert. Maybe he could get one of the marines to just fill in the role until...

Jared suddenly stopped scrolling through the list of Klingon names on the station, as something caught his eye.

May'bel Matlh?

He should his head.

There was no way that was who he thought it was, he thought as he continued scrolling through personnel. Must be a common name. The May'bel he remembered was little more than a toddler. That couldn't have been more than a few months ago. It was just before he'd joined the FHew crew, when he'd visited that family with Ro...

He suddenly stopped again.

How long had Ro said he'd been aboard the FHew again? Was it twenty three months, or twenty three years?

He scrolled back to the name, and looked at it again.

If it really was twenty three years...

Curiosity got the better of him. He tapped the name and pulled up the file.

It was him alright. Not close kin to Ro, but not exactly distant. One of Ro's cousin's grand-kids if he was reading the records right. Twenty-five years old. And boy... had he been busy since Jared had seen him last.

Jared scrolled through a list of combat engagements and shipboard postings. Last one was Tactical officer aboard a Matlh Negh'Var class, before it was destroyed a year or two back.

Jared looked at the list.

Would he be interested? A B'rel wasn't exactly a Negh'Var. But then... house Matlh wasn't exactly flush with ship postings.

With a shrug, Jared cleared the terminal and grabbed his jacket. It was worth a shot...