Alligences 1 – The unwashed phenomenon
by Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   The unwashed phenomenon
Mission   Alligences 1
Author(s)   Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Thu Jun 03, 2010 @ 1:27pm
Location   Hell
Tag   Ro
Tell watched Jones leave and the door closed silently behind him, the traitorous wall that had held her up let her go and she slid silently to the floor. She made herself small and wrapped her arms around her legs. Tell buried her head in her lap and held herself tightly while her body was attacked by uncontrollable shaking. She rocked herself for comfort and allowed her self to cry, if Jones was watching her she wouldn't allow him the satisfaction of seeing her tears.

How did she get in this snare? How would she be able to get out? Why hadn't she listened to her instincts and not gone to the party? Why hadn't she taken up Malcky's offer of the ship? She would have been far away from here by now but she was loyal to the FHew and to Uncle Ro'.

The tears and the shaking had stopped she turned her face the other way and stared at the opposite wall. After a few minutes Tell let herself unwind. She unzipped her boots, took them off re zipped them and placed them in a corner. She took off her trousers tied the legs in a knot and placed them next to her boots. She took her jacket off and her vest, she wore nothing underneath it and tore a third of the vest away and ripped it into small squares.
She sat and looked at her makeshift toilet and walked over and relieved her self.

Now what she had to do was stay awake, staying awake meant that the time would last longer before he came again. But her eyes grew heavy and despite everything she fell asleep, so when she opened her eyes again she thought she was back on the FHew and that Hay'leigh was berating her for being late for her shift

"Ro' is furious at you," she snapped at Tell.
"What have I done, Eredh?"
"It's not what you've done, its what you've failed to do."
"What have I failed to do? I don't understand," replied Tell confused

"TELL!!!" Came Ro's booming voice.
Hay'legh pushed her roughly onto the bridge and infront of Ro' and the others.
"I'm on it Captain what ever it is, I'll fix it..." and she turned to leave.
"Tell!!" he shouted again, "My student" and his face looked into hers, "What was it you would call me?"
"I called you.............."

Tell woke up with a start drenched in sweat, how long had she been asleep....? Mustn't sleep! She got up and like a caged wild animal began to pace the room.