Alligences 1 – Sensor Ghosts
by Soghla' Jared & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Sensor Ghosts
Mission   Alligences 1
Author(s)   Soghla' Jared & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Sat Jun 19, 2010 @ 1:47pm
Location   The sealed corridor on Gerrat's ship
Timeline   Shortly after Hay'Legh's capture
The bulkhead slid ponderously open, revealing the corridor beyond. Karla and Rene moved cautiously through, sweeping the area with the torches on their disruptor rifles.

It was disconcertingly empty. Unless you were looking for corrosion on walls.

The two women moved cautiously along the corridor. It was narrow enough that nothing could move past them without them knowing it.

Maybe it had some kind of personal cloaking ability. Or maybe some ability to mask it's presence from the mind of it's pursuers...

They reached the far bulkhead without bumping into anyone invisible.

Rene looked at the bio-scanner with a frown. After a moment she gave it a whack.

"That's weird. Bio-scanner says it's right here! I mean, RIGHT here. We should be standing on it."

She looked down warily at the floor.

"You don't think it's some kind of shape-shifter, do you? Like one of those Dominion things."

Karla looked down at the floor, unmoved. She lowered her rifle and pulled the trigger. The bolt punched a knuckle sized hole in the floor plate, scattering tiny flecks of hot metal across the floor.

She looked back at Rene.


"Well... the scanner says it's here," Rene replied with a confused look.

"We're standing in an empty corridor, Rene. Who you gonna believe?"

"Perhaps... perhaps it knows how to generate a false trail. Drop a pheromone marker that would fool the scanner, and then mask it's own trail!"

Karla sighed with resignation.

"Right... I guess we're doing this the hard way. Room by room search."

"Do we have to?" Rene asked. "I mean... you saw that thing. It's tiny! What's it gonna do?"

Karla looked at her with one eyebrow raised.

"You wanna tell Gerrat that?"

Rene looked thoughtful for a second. With a sigh, she switched off the bio-scanner.

"Right... Room by room it is, then."

Karla punched her key-code into the panel on the bulkhead, causing it to swing ponderously open. The two moved through, and continued the search.

High overhead, Jared breathed a sigh of relief. It was incredibly cramped on top of the light housing, and the metal was beginning to burn him. But he'd been right - people never seem to pay close attention to what's over their heads. Especially when it was fifteen feet over their heads and looked too small to hide a humanoid.

Now he just had to figure out how to get back down again without breaking his neck.

He had a feeling the key-code he'd watched the woman punch in might be handy though...