Bloody Captain – Scene 11
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh

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Title   Scene 11
Mission   Bloody Captain
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Eredh Hay'legh
Posted   Wed Jul 07, 2010 @ 6:04am
Location   The Boom Corridor
Timeline   After Ro's rampage
Hay’legh surveyed the Bridge. HoS lay by the broken panel, his blood pooled around him but no longer flowing. She stabbed a comm button.

“Bridge to Medbay.”

There was silence at the other end. She glanced at the remaining Beq who was trying not to meet her gaze. Moving quickly to the boom corridor she passed Jared’s room, door wide open, gear scattered and broken.

She reached Medbay. Tell was lying on the bed, her face purple and swollen but at least she was still breathing. A pair of legs was sticking out of a collapsed pile of boxes and equipment. A quick check revealed it to be HIchop, also alive, but also badly beaten.

There was only one person who was capable of making this sort of carnage.

"Klivam wort." [Klingon B***ard]

Hay'Legh then lifted HIchop from underneath the pile and dropped him onto the other empty bed. He will be fine there as long as Ro' does not come back for a second turn.

The Rihan turned to the door. She had better find him and lock him somewhere until what ever he's been drinking or whatever bur has gotten under his brow ridges has worn off. Hay'Legh quickly left Sickbay to search for Ro.

There was a yell from the corridor and Marla flashed past at a sprint. Hay'legh steped ot of the door and directly into the path of Ro' who was chasing the human. He pulled up at the site of his first officer. He smelled of scorched skin and had blood dripping from his right hand.

"Step aside, Romulan," Ro' growled.

“Captain, I think you should come with me.” Outwardly Hay’Legh looked relaxed but deep inside her she felt the faint stirrings of her own bloodlust. “You are not in control of yourself.”

"You challenge me? At least you do so face to face. Being Klingon is rubbing off on you. Too much it seems."

He pulls his D'k'tagh and drops into a fighting crouch.

Hay’Legh drew her own blade as she took a step back to give herself room to manoeuvre. She did not want to kill this Klivam . The last thing she wanted was to become Captain of this rust bucket. But Hay’Legh would do what she could to stop this rampage.

Ro’ held his blade in his left hand, his right fist clenched and bloodied. Hay’legh looked for the weakness and lunged at his sore side. Ro’ had expected this approach and rolled with the blow using the flat of his knife as a shield to ward the attack.

He followed the attack through with a punch of his own that went past Hay’legh’s right ear. She responded with a kidney jab from her knee but was rewarded with an elbow to the face which knocked her off balance for a fraction of a moment.

She let herself fall backwards but was on her feet to receive Ro’s charge.

Hay'Legh stepped aside at the last moment and as the Klingon barrelled past her she dropped to her hands while sweeping out her legs to capture Ro's in a gripping scissor kick. As he fell to the ground, the Rihan twisted her body, keeping her legs wrapped tightly around his, and tried to capture Ro's arms in an effort to immobilise him.

This was what Ro' had been counting on. He dropped heavily and suddenly, his weight twisting her knee, and tearing at the cartelidge. She pulled free at just the last minute to avoid the knee being completely destroyed. She realised now that Ro' was not pulling punches. If he got a chance he would kill her.

Ro' was on his feet again with speed that was surprising for his age and build. They circled each other, Hay'legh nursing her leg, Ro' his hand.

Ro' saw her falter and leapt forward with his knife, but it had been Hay'legh's feint this time and the blade passed through empty air. The thinner, sharper Romulan blade sliced under the exposed armpit of Ro' armour and he dropped his knife to grab at her wrist and avoid the blade going deeper. In the same move he brought his other hand around and broke her arm with a sudden blow. Hay'legh's numb hand could not hold the knife any mor and she fell back.

Ro' pulled the thin blade from under his arm as Hay'legh made a quick grabe for the heavier Klingon blade. The pair faced each other again.

No one will ever know who would have died at the end of the fight. They were inturupted when the whole ship shook and a red alert klaxon sounded.