Lest we forget... – Well That's Different
by Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Well That's Different
Mission   Lest we forget...
Author(s)   Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Mon Aug 16, 2010 @ 12:56pm
Location   Crawl space, on the way to repair the dam relays
Tag   Marie

The crawl space literally was a crawl space and not for the faint hearted on a Klingon vessel. Tell and Marie were on all fours and struggling with the heat as well as the confines. They had taken off their jackets and now progressed along the narrow space.

"Bloody Klingon engineers, don't they know how to design a ship?" fumed Tell.

Marie had been thinking much the same thing; that and asking herself why she’d ever been so stupid as to volunteer for this.

“Matlh probably stashed the previous captain’s body in here,” she said cynically. “That’s what’s causing the circuit failures.”

"That wouldn't surprise me one bit" replied Tell "He probably had him fused to the bulkhead as a lesson to anyone passing as a warning of what could happen if we were ever to step out of line."

Tell stopped to check her readings on the tricorder. "Shouldn't be to far now, got any jokes to keep us going?"

"Not many. I try to tip them into a spare airlock the first chance I get."

They turned right at the next junction and Tell tapped in a code to open the door but it refused to budge. Tell looked at her tricorder.

"The problem is in here behind this door" said Tell looking at her instrument "What ever it is has been here a long time." She looked at Marie. "Do you want to go on?" she asked her. As she waited for an answer the lights seem to flicker slightly before coming back on to full power.

Normally, Marie would probably answer such a question in the negative but this intrigued her. For an answer, she pulled out her phaser, turned it to full and aimed at the recalcitrant door.

"Well that's shifted it" stated Tell but as she said it the lights flickered over head once more and finally went off altogether. This leaft both of them in total darkness and not realising that the lights had gone out all over the ship even the emergency lighting had failed to come on. "I swear that this damn ship is alive with something every time I get...." and it was then she heard his voice.


"WE'RE ON IT" Tell shouted back and cursing all damnation at the same time.

Tell found her torch in her repair kit and held it under her chin so she looked quite ghoulish in the darkness.
"After you" she indicated to Marie.

Marie stuck one hand through the hole in the door then the other. Then she worked her body through. She was halfway into the next section when something slimy slithered over one hand then the other. “Ugh!” she yelled in disgust and recoiled automatically. Unfortunately, all that achieved was a sharp stabbing pain in her back as she hit the jagged opening.

"Oh for Gods sake" said Tell startled and dropped the torch so that the light spun everywhere, switching itself off and plunging them into darkness yet again. she felt around for the light, cursing as she did so. "Why does everything round here have to be slimy and gross? I hate slimy things, worms, slugs, tarkeliaan snakes.." then she realised she was going to far and being to much of a 'girl'. When she found the torch she was grateful that it came back on again.

"Right best we move on" she said quickly "Before HMV gets onto us again."

Easy for you to say Marie thought, you’re not the one whatever it was just slid over. She crawled through the hole. “Shine a light in here will you? I don’t want any more surprises.”

“Looks clear.” The light fell on the junction of the floor and the bulkhead, over to Marie’s right. “Oh.... Gross! What is that thing?”

The crawl space had narrowed in places and by the looks of it had been little used until now. Tell looked over to where Marie had indicated. "Well that's different" she said and retrieved her tri corder from her kit. Part of the bulkhead had been eaten away to reveal more of the internal wiring that fed the junction.

"It looks to all intense purposes to be a spider of some kind.. ish." Informed Tell. The main body of the creature was a hand width wide with small crustacean type growths around its edges. It had eight legs, two of which had crab like pincher's attached to them.

“Jared doesn’t go in for arcane experiments on life forms among his other hobbies, does he?” Marie asked.

"Some kind of silicon/crystal type base," replied Tell, "'feeding' off the power leading to the relays."

“I’d go along with that,” Marie replied. “Maybe he's crossed a Horta with the Crystalline Entity."

"I wouldn't touch it if I were you, its been secreting some form of acid that's melted the bulkhead, and probably is responsible for sealing the doorway too."

Bit late to tell me now! Marie thought. "We’d need to get a tissue sample – if that’s the right term in the circumstances – but, believe me, I’m not going close enough to get it!” She shone the light on her hands but there was no sign of any burns. She shone it back on the creature. It had turned to face them. She could almost swear it was daring them to do something.

She shone her torch further along the corridor in case any more of these creatures were lurking. Just to be sure, she shone it along the ceiling too. As it came back down, it caught something that shone with a pale luminescence...just like...just like ivory. “I think we’ve found the previous captain,” she said.

The skull of the remains gave Tell the impression that it was laughing at them in the darkness. As if it knew something, a warning perhaps? Somehow it reminded her of an old story set on an Island by someone called Stevenson. (I think this was the author)

"OK," began Tell carefully as she watched the spider and took more readings. The creature had eased its grip slightly on the power and the lights on the ship fluctuated from red to full power to red and then darkness again. It looked at Marie and snapped its claws at her. Tell bit her bottom lip, something she did out of habit if she was feeling anxious. "I think it likes you more than me." she told her

Great, that’s all I need. The only lifeform on this whole ship that’s attracted to me is some deformed cross between a crab and a spider. She sidled past the thing, keeping as close to the far wall as was physically possible. Up ahead, the skull continued grinning. And the only thing that looks pleased to see me probably died before I was born.

Up close she could see that Hope was right. There were distinct signs that the bones of the skeleton had been corroded. Acid was a good guess.

A warning buzz emanated from Tells instrument, she checked her readings again. "Something is wrong with it" she told Marie "Its life signs are getting weaker" she watched as the spider/crab inched its way forward again to the Quatermaster. "Do you know how spiders give birth to their young Marie?"

She glanced at the Quartermaster waiting for a reply.

I’m a quartermaster, not a gynaecologist, Marie thought sourly. “No,” she spat.

"If she is following a spider trait, she will die and her young will burst out of her. However some crabs burrow under the skin of a 'host' and their young eat their way out, which one do you think she is?"