Allegiances 4 – Night visitors
by Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene

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Title   Night visitors
Mission   Allegiances 4
Author(s)   Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene
Posted   Wed Aug 24, 2011 @ 3:21am
Location   Marie's Quarters
Timeline   Not long after May'Bel and Jared's chat
It was the breathing that alerted Marie to something being not quite right. Even in her sleep. She was used to sharing her quarters with others, but Thor'nan and Jared's breathing were different. Somehow her dreams were troubled by the sound of heavier breathing. Klingon breathing.

She woke uneasily, and wanted to go back to sleep. But she became suddenly aware that the breathing wasn't just in her dreams.

She jerked around suddenly, and glanced around the gloomy chamber, reaching for the knife she kept under her pillow.

Thor'nan was absent, most likely on bridge duty. Jared was likewise away, working on late night projects. But she suddenly realised May'Bel was sitting on Jared's bed, staring at her.

I wonder. Is this a social visit or are you in need of a bit of boisterous activity?

May'Bel seemed oblivious to her reaction. "You remember the conversation we had, Sogh? My advice?"

"I remember." She did not do him the courtesy of referring to his rank. "I think I will be better prepared next time someone tries to challenge my position."

"You've had some time to think. To plan. I'm curious. Do you think you're ready? If YIghegh made his move tomorrow, do you think you'd be able to take him?"

"I said 'better prepared'. I did not say I am ready. The day I think that is the case is the day I die."

"What about me, human? Do you think you could take me down if you needed to?"

"You want to try? You have the advantage. You're sitting up and I'm lying down. You're awake and alert and I'm just woken from slumber. You're a Klingon and I'm but a human."

May'Bel shook his head.

"I'm not here to attack you, Sogh. My question is just what it seems. If one day you realised I was no longer fit to serve under Ro's command. If there was no option but to remove me from my post... do you think you could do it?"

"Do you think I need to?" Marie countered. "I've seen no need. And do you think I'd be so courteous as to inform you beforehand? I think not. Lesson One: do not let your enemy know what you're planning."

May'Bel chuckled.

"Ah, but sometimes that's the hardest part, isn't it? Knowing WHO the enemy is."

He rose. Marie tensed up for an attack, or... something. He simply walked to the door.

"I'll see you on the bridge, Sogh."