Foreseeable future – Her own personal grave yard
by Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & HoD Ro' Matlh

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Title   Her own personal grave yard
Mission   Foreseeable future
Author(s)   Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & HoD Ro' Matlh
Posted   Sat Jan 05, 2013 @ 12:46am
Tag   Ro'
Tell was alone on the Revenge, she had changed into clothes that had seen better days. She didn't want to be noticed and wanted no one to follow her. The engineer hid her tracks well and her latest shield generator she had designed would leave nothing but a background radiation that would blend into the space around her ship.

What she was doing now wouldn't matter one iota in the great scheme of things if Jared's plan worked, there would be no need for what she was about to do. If it didn't, well they were doomed anyway.

The word doomed echoed through her head like a revival of that old Scottish play, now what was that called? Still what did it matter anyway.

The 'Revenge' altered course again as Tell keyed in a new heading. It wasn't the first time she had thought about losing everything that she had accumulated over the years in this time line including this grave yard of ships.

She felt more confused than ever and angry with herself at the same time. Age and weariness seemed to be tripping her up suddenly. She hated being old and had fought against it for a long time. It was a sign of weakness Tell told herself as she had done so often in the past. She was still muttering to herself as she opened a bottle of tablets, took one out and swallowed it. She hadn't been well for some time but she had kept it to herself and according to everyone else she was still the same hard as nails engineer she always had been. Her illness wasn't life threatening... yet the medication should keep it under control for a while. The tablet took affect and the pain subsided but she also knew that there was no cure.

They said she would be in a wheelchair in another two years and that wasn't good enough for Tell. They said she should take things easy and not tire herself. They didn't want her to acerbate her illness. So she showed them at medical a touch of her acerbate temper and pushed herself to work even harder. She would prove them all wrong. There had to be a cure out there somewhere.

When Jared took them back to their own time how would she remember what was going to happen to her in the future. There had to be someway she could warn herself in the past.

Tells ship yard was really an understatement, what it really was, was a section of space that she had for her own use. It contained amongst other things a selection of old ships, some of which she used as storage some just for spare parts and others for experiments. (Of the engineering kind that is)

The Revenge slowed down to dock with one of these ships and an echo of memories flooded over her and through her just as it always did when she approached.

There was one evening, some years ago before Ro' had gone blind and lost a part of himself. She had paid him one of her regular visits. They met often and on this particular night after a heavy drinking session, Ro' had, had one too many and was feeling particularly melancholic Ro' let it slip about the ship Tell had spent a long time looking for.

Tell flew off into a rage about him finding the USS Fallen and not having the decency to tell her where it was. It rankled her to think that he had known all that time and because of it a rift had come between her and Ro' and she visited less often eventually stopping altogether.

She'd found the Fallen exactly at the co-ordinates that she had forced out of Ro'. It was abandoned as he had told her. There was no power, the ship was dead in space. She walked through the cold ship in an eva suit that cast light and shadows around her. There was nothing here except the feeling that the crew had just walked away from what they had been doing. Tell towed the stricken ship to her shipyard intending to find out what happened to the crew and where they ended up.

Since then she had worked on the Fallen tirelessly. She had managed to restore power to the ship but was no wiser as to what had happened or where the ship had been. It was a phantom a ghost ship but without the ghosts. She hadn't flown the ship at all though it wasn't beyond her capabilities, Tell felt that the unique drive of the Fallen had something to do with the disappearance of the crew though she couldn't prove it. The ships memory banks had been either wiped clean or they were so encrypted that Tell didn't stand a chance of ever working it out.

The Revenge docked silently against the airlock of the Fallen and Tell typed in a code that activated the ship. Power came up and lights came on as Tell stepped onto the corridor that linked to the Bridge. A lot of memories flooded through and around her as she walked along the corridors remembering a time in the distant past when she was young again and things were clearer.

Tell lingered in Kriss Maxx's room and lay on the bed as she had done so many times before. She tried to feel something of his presence there. She would give anything to be held once more in his arms and rest her weary head against his chest. If only she could look once more into his eyes, touch him and hear his voice once more.

"I have to go now Kriss. I can't stay. But I promise I'll try and find you again. Goodbye"

She stayed a little longer in Jamie's room and mourned for the brother she had lost once more.

They weren't here no matter how hard she tried to will them into existence. They would never come back in this time line. Her only hope of ever finding them lay in the past and with Ro'.

Before leaving the ship Tell visited engineering, she had an idea and it had something to do with an article she had read in an old manual. It was worth a try even if it might not work.

She said her final goodbye to the Fallen and stepped once more onto the deck of the Revenge. The airlock sealed behind her as she took up the helm controls. Tell powered down the empty ship and didn't look back as her ship glided effortlessly away. Soon the Fallen became no more than a light growing dimmer and smaller in the distance.

Tell keyed in another course change. This time to an old Klingon vessel though not as old as the Fhew. She could salvage some of the parts for the journey home though she had her doubts that the Fhew would ever fly again, it would be one hell of a time trying.

The power diminished and the lights went out on the Fallen. It settled back into the emptiness and darkness of the space around it. No one would come to visit anymore, the ship was alone again. Had Tell stayed longer than she wanted too she might have failed to notice a small green light flash repeatedly on and off a secondary emergency panel or the image of a face appear on the screen.