Marie's Mind – Medical Analysis
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Sogh Germite Ephilom

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Title   Medical Analysis
Mission   Marie's Mind
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Sogh Germite Ephilom
Posted   Thu Jan 23, 2014 @ 12:38am
Location   Moonshadow Institute, Federation Psychiatric Facility
Timeline   Following the Mindmeld
The light in the waiting room seemed abnormally bright after the Fhew's meeting room. Marie felt cold in the thin tan clothing she always wore now. Tem sat beside her, his irritating stoic self. Who the hell let a Vulcan be a psychologist? How was that logical?

They had come to medical for a check up; a standard procedure following a Meld Therapy. Having Tem share her experience on the FHew had been disconcerting. She would have been happier to keep the two worlds separate and just convince herself one of them was a dream. That was becoming harder to do; something was playing havoc with her head. It was just a matter of working out which of the 'realities' was a delusion.

There was something that had come up in that last session; something Jared had said about nanites and Marie being a walking Universal Translator. Is this all a consequence of what that Vetus did to me? she thought. What if it reprogrammed me as well as the ship’s computer and my programming got all scrambled? What if it reprogrammed me and now I’m imagining that there is a ship? What if....

She forced herself to stop. You could run round in circles like that all day long, Marie St. Helene. Tem would love to see that.

The door was opened and a familiar face peered out of the surgery. Tem rose to greet him.

"Good Morning, Doctor Germite. I trust I find you well?"

Germite had always had misgivings about using mind melds for therapy, it just seemed unethical to invade someone's mind without permission, by there was nothing he could do to stop it, so he concentrated on helping the patients deal with the after affects of it. He nodded, "Yes, as always. How is our patient today?"

Marie declined to answer, not knowing which of them Germite was actually addressing. Tem waved her through into the small observation surgery ahead of him.

"I believe we are making some real progress," He said conversationally. "I have had an opportunity to observe the system first hand and found it... enlightening."

Marie heard the tone. She looked at Tem and caught the eyebrow descending. So, I’m enlightening am I? Let’s see just how enlightening I can be. She sat upright, her back straight, her head level. She sat as if awaiting orders.

Germite walked over to Marie and scanned her with a tricorder. He glanced at the results then set it on a table. Germite didn't like to totally rely on technology for his observation. He reached out and took Marie's hand. Then he checked her pulse. It seemed normal. He held up a stylus. "Follow the Stylus." He moved it back and forth noting the way Marie's eyes followed. He pulled out a stethoscope and listened to her breathe.

Tem sat across from Marie as she was being examined, "While we are passing the time, I couldn't help but notice that the Medic on board has changed. Initially it was HIchop, but you seem to have replaced him with a new personality, one based on the Doctor here as far as looks go at least. Perhaps you could tell me about the Germite in your... I hesitate to call it a fantasy as that has the wrong connotations... in your story."

“There isn’t much to tell,’” she replied with a shrug. “You know what Klingon medical facilities are like. If you get injured in battle you die and go to Sto-vo-kor. As a medic, HIchop made a good soldier. ‘Ro brought Germite in because he knew more about treating the injured than merely cutting a limb off. He also knows what anaesthetics are. I think ‘Ro liked to think of it as one of his concessions to the humans in the crew.”

Germite picked up a small hammer and tapped Marie's knee. It had the expected affect.

Tem pursed his lips, "That is a good synopsis of character, but not how he fits in with your Psyche. I suspect that he is a reflecion of your nurturing side. An interesting one, since he is more recent addition. In fact he only come into the 'Story' after you arrived here. When your Ego, HIchop, was not able to embody the nurturing nature, he/it was shifted and a new facet invented, one which is a sampling of a real world person. And now, according to your story, he seems seems displaced and lost amongst this crew. Wanting to be part, but not entirely sure how to function within it. It is as if you are unable to find, and come to terms with, the nurturing side of your own self and so lock it in a small room and try to ignore it."

That assumes I have a ‘nurturing side’ Marie thought. “I grew up on a world where ‘nurturing’ was a weakness” she brusquely told Tem. “You took what you wanted or you starved; there was no time to nurture or be nurtured. Maybe I have a ‘nurturing side’ that longs to see the light of day. I somehow doubt it.”

Tem just smiled, "Of course. Well it seems the real Dr Germite has finished so we shall adjourn back to my office."

Tem left the room and Marie made to follow. Just as she is about to step out of the door Germite grabs her arm and whispers, "Be ready to run when the time comes."

Marie is about to respond when she hears Tem's voice from the Hallway, "Ms St Helene?"

She glances at Germite but he has gone back to his work as if nothing were said. Silently Marie steps out of the doctor's office.