Bugging Out – Ancient Blood
by Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' Jared

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Title   Ancient Blood
Mission   Bugging Out
Author(s)   Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' Jared
Posted   Wed Jul 02, 2014 @ 2:34am
Location   Computer Core
Timeline   Day 4 after briefing
Something had Mike curious. Jared was one of a species she had never seen or even heard of before. She had to know more.

'I wonder if he will let me get a profile on him?' She thought to herself as she wandered over to the computer console.

"Jeeves, can you tell me were Jared is?"

"Mr Jared is currently in the Computer Core. Would you like me to display a personnel file, or a map?"

"Both if you would be so kind. And would you also please inform him that I am coming to see him." Mike replies.

"Certainly," Jeeves replied, as the screen nearby split into two views - showing both a profile on Jared, and also a map to the computer core. The profile had an interesting Klingon phrase in the initial brief, that she wasn't very familiar with. Took her a moment to work it out in her head - 'Non Combatant'.

It wasn't a phrase she'd seen in a Kilngon personel file before.

"I should note that this profile only represents Mr Jared's time with the Klingon Empire - a matter of a few decades. This is probably less than one percent of his full personal history. But I very much doubt that a detailed record of Mr Jared's full history exists at this point."

"Huh." Mike pauses. "I'm really only after a medical profile for emergencies and such...But thanks anyway." Mike gathers her gear. "Let him know I'm on my way if you would."


Mike walked in to the computer core to find it a chaotic, cluttered mess. Various screens - both inbuilt and jury-rigged from spare parts - were showing a variety of information. Some of it looked familiar - such as an analysis of some kind of sound wave. Some of it was utterly mystifying.

Jared was working on one of the terminals. He had what looked like one of May'Bel's grenades partly dissasembled on the desk, and there were wires running from it to the computer he was working on.

He seemed to be in a discussion with Jeeves.

"...Yes, I know. But I also know you've got very detailed mathematical models on the gravity arc of a pinpoint singularity, so I just need the theory at this point. In theory, would the counterfield strength hold above collapse weight until we reached the Jehu threshhold? That's all I..."

He glanced around as he heard Mike's footsteps.

"Alright, leave it there for now," he concluded.

"Hello... err..."

He quickly checked a padd beside him on the desk.

"...Mike. How are you finding the F'Hew?"

"Very interesting. Nothing like what I expected or have had to deal with." Mike replies.

"Right," the little man replied cheerfully. "Good. Umm... remind me why we're meeting again?"

Mike holds up a scanner. "Medical exam. I'm after a database of each member of the crew in case the need arises, such as a medical emergency etc."

A look of relieved comprehension crossed Jared's face.

"Oh... right... preparing BEFORE a crisis. How very un-klingon. Right... uhh... what do I need to do?"

"Stand still while I scan and allow me to take blood and tissue samples." Mike replies.

Jared gave an agreeable nod.

"Well... that doesn't sound too bad. I've been with this crew long enough that I was sorta expecting bits cut off with a D'k'tag."

He rolled up his sleeve.

"Actually I'm kinda curious to hear what you make of my biology."

"You're not the only one who is curious, believe me." Mike start with scans, then moves to sampling. "This may hurt, but not for long or much."

"What do you mean hu... OW!

As the sampler did it's work, Mike took a glimpse at the ongoing tricorder analysis of Jared's physiology, and blinked in surprise. The little man's biology was DRAMATICALLY different from any that she'd seen in a humanoid before. It took her a little while to even guess which bits were the respiratory and digestive systems - they were there, but seemed to operate on quite different principals from what Mike was used to. Everything from skeletal makeup right down to DNA structure was quite unique.

She quickly realised Jared's blood would be useless for transfusion - if you could even technically call it blood. In some ways it was surprising how humanoid the little man appeared - genetically speaking Mike had more in common with the Klingon Targs they kept aboard for food than she did with the short figure in front of her.

Mike paused. "Do you mind if I take a few more samples? I'd like to do a more in depth analysis if that is possible."

Jared looked slightly unsure.

"Uuuh... how... MUCH tissue are we talking? I'd prefer to KEEP all my digits, generally speaking."

"Oh heavens, I'd never need that much. Mainly blood more than tissue." Mike shrugs.

"Oh... then sure," Jared conceeded. "And... if you need any kind of specialised scanning equipment, Jeeves can probably generate you some replicator specs. That's kinda what he was originally designed for - technical research & development."

"I'll keep that in mind. I'm set for the time being, seeing I managed to bring some Star Fleet gear with me." She pauses. "Though I may need some equipment I didn't bring, but I'll sort that out later."

Mike pulled out a few more vials for collection.