Bloody Captain – Scene 7
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared & Ne' Leah Vien

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Title   Scene 7
Mission   Bloody Captain
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared & Ne' Leah Vien
Posted   Sat Jul 03, 2010 @ 10:16am
Location   Targ Pens
Timeline   After the fight in the Mess
Leah was mucking out the Targ pens. The Klingons liked their food live, and that meant pens and poo. Technically there was a roster as to who needed to clean the pens, but Leah had not felt like arguing the point when she had found herself on it continually for the last three days.

Usually the only other person who came here regularly was HoS when he came to select food to prepare. She was surprised when she saw Jared come in.

Leah stooped with another shove with a rather crude long handled metal shard that looked more as if it was some sort of weapon that was broken and tarnished long ago. It was a rather ...unpleasant job, but all the same she was out of sight and out of mind for now.

The sound of the rusty metals doors scraping open behind her brought her back to what she was doing and she glanced a brief second over her shoulder only to find not a large Klingon but the one named Jared. She tried to stop herself from being to outright hostile but it was hard after dealing with these conditions.

"Loving this are you? You know this might go faster if I actually had a real shovel. I didn't trade up for cleaning up after you all"

Jared blinked.

"Oh... didn't you know?"

"I guess that must be someone's little joke. There IS a proper shovel in here. It's up on top of that hull-strut up there!"

He pointed to a heavy duty hull-strut along the outer wall of the chamber. It was about six feet up.

"You're a little taller than me, so you might just be tall enough to reach it. I generally need to get a chair to stand on."

Leah blinked a moment at him and glanced up where he indicated. It was hard enough to see what she was doing much less look in every little bend and twist along the hull. She leaned up trying to see anything in there at all.

"I don't see anything up there ..."

As Leah turned and stretched up to find the shovel, Jared smoothly slid the hypo out of his sleeve and applied it to her neck, dosing her.

"What the...!" Leah spun around with the tarnished weapon still in hand to find Jared looking as bewildered as herself, if there was anything she had learned on a pirate vessel it was someone hiding something.

Jared held his hands up in a conciliatory way.

"I'm not attacking you! I'll explain everything! Just give me a moment!"

Leah only heard half of what he had said before her senses where dulled, her vision blurred and the weightless freefall.

He watched as the furious woman swayed a moment and then dropped - partially landing in a Targ deposit. Jared winced.

She was going to be mad when she woke up.

At least she wasn't as big as Klingon women tended to be. He might actually be able to carry her. But he was going to have to hurry. Otherwise a meeting with Ro might be inevitable...