Bloody Captain – Scene 8
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared

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Title   Scene 8
Mission   Bloody Captain
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Jared
Posted   Wed Jul 07, 2010 @ 5:54am
Location   Jared's Quarters
Timeline   After the fight in the Mess
Jared’s door swings open easily when Ro’ pushes it. He is breathing heavily and the smell of burnt fabric and skin mingles with strong alcohol. Jared is sitting on his bunk and looks up when Ro’ enters.

YItI’qa’ nochvetlh QalwI’ nIHpu’ ghoD Matlh yISamlaH.” [You must fix the sensors so they can find me the corrupt filth who have been smuggling Matlh goods.]

Jared blinked, putting aside the book he'd been reading, "Umm... I'm not sure I'm able to do that. Isn't that someone else's job?"

Ro' looked over at Marie's open chest. It was very unlike her to leave her stuff exposed. "Tell and Marla are... damaged. You are the science officer and you ahve tweeked the sensors before. I need it done now. That is an order!"

"But I'm not sure I can," Jared replied with a confused expression.

Ro' roared and was on Jared in a single stride. He lifted teh small man up and pined him to the back wall. Jared began clawing at his throat unable to breath, "You think I am frigtened of your kind? How will you spread nasty songs about me after I have ripped out your throat?"

Jared couldn't answer. Ro' twisted and threw the man into the side wall where he crashed heavily and slid down. Ro' took a step over to pick him up again but Jared somehow... flickered out of view.

Ro' froze staring at the place Jared had been. He took a step back and Jared flickered back into view - his arm raised to sheild his face. Confused, stretched his hand out over the cowering TiQ.

A part of Jared's form flickered out of view and distorted. A roughly hand-shaped part.

Ro's eyes narrowed and he glanced back at marie's open trunk, then at Jared, then at the ceiling. A small holo-emitter was fixed in position projecting Jared in his place. Ro' bellowed in frustration and pulled his disruptor. The holo-emitter erupted in flames and the image of Jared vanished.

Ro' told himself he should have known that Marie was involved somehow. She was a smuggler and probably knew the people invovled. In fact, she may even have tried to conceal goods here in the room.

He tore the room apart but found nothing. Ro' snarled. Soon Marie would be returning to this room, and all Ro' had to do was wait and catch her. Then he'd make her tell him everything he needed to know.