Blood Reckoning – Frontal Assault
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Sogh Marla Varquis & Sogh Thor'nan Mal'Kor

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Title   Frontal Assault
Mission   Blood Reckoning
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Sogh Marla Varquis & Sogh Thor'nan Mal'Kor
Posted   Fri May 20, 2011 @ 1:09am
Location   TorvaD's Hosue
Timeline   3:35 the afternoon of the funeral
The four crewmen of the FHew stood before the open gate of TorvaD's house, keenly aware that they were on security camera, and it was only a matter of time before someone noticed the missing guards. Thankfully there had been no gunfire yet so no alarms seemed to have been raised.

Marie raced for the open gate before anyone had the sense to close it again. She pulled open the door to the guard-post and scanned inside. The control console was a simple one. She considered destroying it with a shot from her disruptor but there might be security controls installed which automatically closed the gate in such an event – or worse.

She poked her head back out. "Tell, we'll hold here. You're in no condition to go any further. We'll keep this post secure until Ro' can bring in reinforcements. May'bel, you and Marla start clearing out the guards inside." Only after she'd said all this did she remember that she wasn't actually leading this escapade. I guess it's true, she thought. Give someone a bit of responsibility and it goes to their head.

Marla was too busy with a red mist filling her vision to realize that Marie was giving orders. So far nothing conflicted with Marla getting to her victim.

May'Bel gave an odd smile, remembering his talk with Marie.

"Of course, Sogh!"

He moved close to the gate, glancing inside and catching sight of the two approaching guards. He snatched a fist sized orb off his belt and tapped a key on it. Pausing only a moment, he whistled loudly and lobbed it through the door and high into the air.

Six Klingons watched the sphere sail high into the air of the courtyard. The better of the two snipers brought his rifle up to his shoulder and sighted up to try and pick it out of the air.

"Eyes!" May'Bel called to his companions, covering his own with his arm.

The sphere gave a momentary hum as it reached the zenith of it's arc. Then it snapped open.

The light that immediately poured out of the doorway was so bright that it left after images even when their eyes were closed and covered. There were roars of alarm from the Klingons inside.

Marie heard May'bel shout but couldn't make out what he said over the din of battle. Suddenly, bright line filled her vision. Thankfully, she was shielded from the worst of it by the walls of the courtyard but it was still a disorienting experience.

May'Bel chuckled. That was a SLIGHT improvement over a normal flash-bomb? He had to remember in future that Jared had a talent for understatement.

He uncovered his eyes and darted round the corner and charged at the two nearby blinded guards, kicking one in the stomach. As he doubled over, May'Bel leapt momentarily up on his back and then sprang OFF him to deliver a brutal kick to the other guard's head. Turning mid-air, he dropped back down on top of the first guard, planting his elbow in the back of his opponent's head with the full weight of his body behind it.

He landed on top of the now unconscious guard, letting the warrior's body cushion the fall. Then he kicked the second dazed guard in the back of the knees and dropped him on his back. Scrambling to his feet, May'Bel delivered another head kick to put the second guard out of action.

"Let's move!" he called to the others.

TorvaD looked up as Thor'nan burst into his bedchamber, a disruptor in hand. Strapped to his back were the twin mek'leth fighting knives he generally carried in lieu of a bat'leth.

"What is the meaning of this?!" he cried.

"The perimeter has been breached. Apparently your 'half breed' friend has allies, and she's coming for you." said Thor'nan as he and the one guard he'd found watched the door.

TorvaD ran off a string of Klingon curses at Thor'nan's apparent incompetence, but grabbed up his own weapons and followed the Human into the corridor. From the mezzanine level they could see the conflict in the courtyard below.

May'bel and Marla ran across the courtyard, staying low as disruptor fire lanced out from the tower. They were clearly firing blind, but they could still aim at the sound of footsteps.

Marla quickly ran up to the two blind guards with her d'k tahg. She came up behind one of the guards, sliced his throat, then stabbed the other in the gut, quickly killing both of them. Before the second one had time to fall, she was heading straight for TorvaD.

May'Bel stopped as Marla went to work, grabbing a flask out of his belt. Drawing back, he hurled it skilfully towards the guard tower. It hit, splashing it's contents across the side of the tower and achieving little else.

The flask was nothing special. He hadn't got it off Jared, or some exotic weapons trader. He'd dug it out of the bottom of the FHew's long neglected cleaning trunk - it was little more than a can of nameless alcohol based solvent. That was the point.

He drew one of his disruptor pistols and fired. The solvent ignited at once, and May'Bel watched in satisfaction as smoke and flame roared up the side of the guard tower. Once those snipers could see again, they'd have more to worry about than trying to trouble the F'Hew's crew.

Re-holstering his disruptor, May'Bel drew his twin Tajtiqs from the scabbards on his back - this was going to get close and personal very soon.

TorvaD pulled a Communicator from his belt, "DoSwI', warm the engines we are coming out."

The trio arrived at the stairs to the shuttle pad on the roof. Lach ran forward first but was still only half way to the shuttle when the sound of Heavy Disruptor fire was heard. The shuttle erupted into flame as, throwing Lach onto his back and showering Thor'nan and TorvaD with shrapnel.

In the FHew, Ro' relaxed his finger from the fire panel and grinned to YIghegh. "That felt good. Find me another target."

TorvaD turned angrily to Thor'nan, "There is no way out this way. We need to get out the main door!"

Thor'nan went first; he was the bodyguard, after all. His disruptor pistol in hand, the two of them ran back into the house, through the side corridors. They were nearing the hallway to the main entrance when a blow knocked Thor'nan off balance, his disruptor pistol falling and skidding across the floor. He spotted a flash coming for his face; he ducked under it, bringing his hands to his back and coming back up, a Mek'leth in each hand. He blocked the next swipe and countered with his other sword. Then he backed off.

May'Bel glanced at his opponent's twin Mek'leths. And down at his two Tajtiqs. He grinned for a moment, and then charged - all speed and gleeful fury.

Thor'nan, a disciplined fighter, remained calm and countered each swing of the Klingon's paired blades, getting in some good swings of his own. But neither warrior could overcome the other. Thor'nan knew he had to end this fight soon; he was disciplined, but he didn't have the endurance of a Klingon. His 'father' had taught him to end his fights quickly.

May'Bel was impressed. The human used discipline like a weapon - watching his opponent for weaknesses, but refusing to take the bait when May'Bel left false openings. This man couldn't be baited like most Klingons - he fought cunningly.

Marla soon saw TorvaD, but he was blocked by another Klingon. She yelled at Thor'nan.

"That petaQ is mine! Move out of my way, and you will be spared."

May'Bel glanced around. The Klingons around would respect the challenge. Only this human stood in the way. He was no easy prey, but perhaps he didn't need to be beaten. Just... moved.

He thrust a Tajtiq at his opponent, only to have it parried with a Mek'leth. A second thrust with the other hand was parried as well - and the two warriors stood for a moment, arms out and straining against each other. Then May'Bel released his weapons and pounced forward at Thor'nan, grabbing him around the chest.

Thor'nan was taken by surprise, and found himself carried back by the heavier warrior's momentum - straight through the window behind. The two combatants tumbled down into the courtyard, landing clumsily in the garden bed one level below.

As they struggled to regain their footing, Thor'nan was faster - lashing out with a Mek'leth and hitting home. May'Bel gave a grunt as he felt the weapon sneak through his armour and leave a savage gash across his right bicep. Leaping back, he drew his left disruptor - firing not at Thor'nan, but at the arch of a nearby doorway. Thor'nan didn't give him a chance to second guess this choice - bringing a Mek'leth down on top of the disrupter and taking it out of his opponent's hand.

May'Bel twisted his wrist, and produced another blade. It was a fall-back weapon - not much of a match for two Mek'leths, especially with only one good arm - but it was something. He only had to slow the man down.

Thor'nan looked at his opponent. This one wouldn't quit. He couldn't kill him like this. So Thor'nan did the honourable thing. He dropped one of his mek'leth at May'Bel's feet. "Take it. " he said.

May'Bel eyed his opponent warily. He knelt and reached for the Mek'leth with his left hand, twisting his wrist as he did so to cause the dagger to retract back into his sleeve. He stood cautiously - weapon ready, but not attacking.

"I took you for a simple human mercenary at first. But you're a strangely honourable warrior to be working for a poisoner."

It was only now that Thor'nan realised the warrior's strategy - as he realised he was out in the courtyard away from TorvaD, and that the Klingon's disruptor shot had brought the masonry of the arch down and choked up the doorway back. TorvaD was on his own.