Darkness Dawning – Out from under the shadow
by HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Thor'nan Mal'Kor & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Sogh Marla Varquis

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Title   Out from under the shadow
Mission   Darkness Dawning
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & Sogh Thor'nan Mal'Kor & Soghla' Marie St. Helene & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Sogh Marla Varquis
Posted   Sat Aug 04, 2012 @ 6:50am
Location   Fhew
Timeline   After the beam out
Tierk bellowed into the Comms, "I have them!"

On the bridge 'Iw'a'na' punched the Helm and the FHew leapt away like a stung Targ, putting as much distance between itself and the Nhilus ship as possible.

In the hold the crew looked at each other in disbelief.

Germite had been following the mission via the open commlink. When the transport was complete, he rushed over to where Marla and HIchop appeared still working on Jason. His injuries seemed to be the most severe. He looked at HIchop, "Get him to sickbay, I'll be down in a moment." He did a quick scan across the rest of the combat team. No one else appeared to have a major injury. (If you're injured speak up now, otherwise, I'm going to sick bay to operate on Jason....Maybe I can save his leg :))

HIchop had things he wanted to say perhaps even finding a distance that the end of Ro' could be watched and honoured. It perhaps didn't even need to be that safe. But he had been give an order so he followed it and picked up Jason and rushed him to the medic bay and dumped him on the bench. He turned to picked up a knife to cut the leg off, after all this was something he was familiar with. A quick cut and cauterise the wound before dealing with other life threatening injuries. HIchop swung the blade high and started down towards just above the injury before remembering he was no longer the medic and had not been asked to do anything but move Jason. The blade came down to halt just as it touched flesh causing a new wound.  

He threw the knife back to where he had picked it up and picked up what amounted to glue to quickly seal the new wound. It instantly caused the would to scar up and heal. "Good luck Jason, you fought well. Germite will tend to you shortly and given his skills your only record of your valour might be that scar".

At that HIchop turned and ran towards the bridge to watch what happens to the Captain and Jared.

The bastard, Marie thought, he’s done it again. I suppose I should be grateful but I’m not. He’s the last person who should be on a suicide mission. We need him here. Without him, this ship is more than just leaderless. It will lack the one thing that holds this rag-tag bunch together. He should have left someone expendable behind. No sooner did the thought take shape than its implications soaked in. Yeah, well, I suppose that does mean me. He still shouldn’t have done it. And just to prove what a right bastard he is, he’s gone and promoted me. I suppose I’m meant to be issuing orders.

Damn and blast it thought Tell That double crossing no good son of a Klingon...... What the hell did he think he was playing at. What the hell will happen to all of us now if he goes. Damn it you old bear you always have to have the final say, always have to be the centre of attention. Tell kicked the bulkhead in frustration as she cursed her was to engineering.

When Hichop arrived at the bridge he took the Captains Chair. Looking at Iw'a'na he bellowed 'HELM return to coordinates (the far end of the ship) with cargo bay facing the vessel." He then sent out an all ships com "Everyone in Cargo bay get out now. You have 20 seconds before I vent the atmosphere". Looking back at helm and now standing he thumped his fist down on the chair with enough force to leave an impression "NOW HELM"

'Iw'a'na' didn't argue, he was far to terrified by everything that was happening and grateful that HE wasn't captain. The ship swung in a hard turn and headed for the nose of the Nhilus vessel.

Marie dashed onto the bridge. “You’re the Captain. I’m not going to fight you for the privilege,” she shouted at HIchop. “I’m told I’m your First Officer. What do I do?”

HIchopknew Tell was the captain, at least when she got on the bridge, but there was no time for arguing. If Ro', Jarad and Maybel were to have any chance the FHew needed to be in position, and if we were to have any chance of outrunning a point singularity then there was no time for who is in charge of what. A slight smirk rose when he thought about the prospect of knocking Tell to the ground if she tried to take the chair, but joy like that couldn't be entertained for long. Song work was to be done.

He also new the position he had taken was technically more rightly Marie's given Ro's promotion of her rank to being equal with him. Still the path he had put the FHew on could mean it might not matter.

"Marie" he barked out, now attempting not to look at her as of to be confirming his position, "Open cargo bay doors and ready the tractor beam"; and then to helm, "Iw'a'na, start scanning for anything that jumps out of or off of that ship and lay in a pursuit course waiting for my signal".  

He opened a ship wide comm, "Hanger bay doors now opening". With all the planning and  ordering of others, one thing was starting to plague HIchop's mind, where was Tell? She was Captain and should have at least made it to the Bridge by now.  

With the comms still open he bellowed" TELL! where the bloody hell are you? Captains  belong on the bridge in such times". He paused for a moment and then with a growl said, "I am" as if to invite her to a challenge. HIchop was finding the chair more and more uncomfortable not having to have fought for it.

"I'm flaming well here now." Tell shouted muttering a few curses as she stormed onto the bridge. "Right lets get too it." Tell sat in the Captains chair and leaned forward in concentration. What had the old bear got in mind for them now?

As Tell went to push Hichop out off the chair, Hichop side glanced clenching every muscle and with just enough force to throw tell but not significantly injure , lunged from his seated position pushing Tell from the captains chair and to the floor. He wanted to belt Tell across the room but time was short.

As he sat back down he said "We can settle this now or in about 60 seconds by which time we are either leaving with Ro or dead". It was the most polite Hichop had spoken to anyone. He continued "I have the ship. You may be my first officer". If Tell didn't step down Hichop would deal with it, but he hoped his stern warning would be enough given  everything was about to go boom. "Marie are we ready?"

Marie pulled out her disrupter, walked up behind HIchop and put it to his head. “I don’t care much for the niceties of Klingon promotion rituals. You’ve got your sixty seconds. If we’re dead it won’t matter what you or I think. If Ro’ makes it back; he’s the captain. If it takes you longer than sixty seconds, Tell gets a go at playing hero.”

Hichop, not turning around just repeated himself "Marie, are you ready on the tractor?"

"Ready whenever you are, boss man."