Operation Tourniquet – Aftermath
by HoD Ro' Matlh & 2nd Lieutenant Zorc Dat'oxo & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene

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Title   Aftermath
Mission   Operation Tourniquet
Author(s)   HoD Ro' Matlh & 2nd Lieutenant Zorc Dat'oxo & Sogh Germite Ephilom & Ne' Michelle "Mike" Young & Soghla' HIchop Matlh & Soghla' Terri (Tell) Hope & Soghla' Jared & Soghla' Marie St. Helene
Posted   Mon Aug 29, 2016 @ 12:36am
Location   USS Prospero
Timeline   Four hours after the battle
OOC Ro': There seems to be some confusion, so let me clarify. I have stepped the action forward to after the battle. The station was lost, and so to was this sector, but the Gorn have retreated for now. The crew have all been rescued and are now in the USS Prospero, a Federation training ship, Miranda class. One of the meeting rooms had been set up for a celebration dinner before the battle and it is here that you are returning, though it would be hard to call this a celebration of victory.


Marie knew though that, unlike the FHew, the station was beyond repair. 'Ro would do anything to keep his beloved ship together but there was no way Starfleet would put the time, or resources, into repairing the station.

“Abandon ship,” she instructed. “Get all serviceable vessels and transfer to the Prospero.”

She took one last look round and sighed. It had been sort of fun being in command: dangerous but sort of fun. Then she moved to obey her own order.

As the largest still functional ship, the USS Prospero spent much of the next few hours searching for and recovering survivors. They spent time scouring the wreckage of ships and station, but there were very few people left to recover.

The crew of the IKC FHew found themselves back in the hall where they had so recently celebrated a victory against the Prospero. Now the tone was different. With the Torc out of action Zorc and his men found themselves hanging their as well.

Here he sat again; Zorc had a corner booth with his two loyal Marines; the last of the force under his command from the station. As he no longer commanded the Marines he only the most loyal that would not leave his side. The three in his booth reminded him of another battle; another ship that fought what seemed insurmountable Odds and only the three had survived. He was a young man then; just his first battles in space and he fought with Honor a pitch battle. Seven against forty and three days the Cardassians were dead and three were alive for rescue.

This was again a victory; it came with a cost, the Station, though more Gorn were lost than they had wanted; there is a line of attrition where the cost is too great and the Gorn had met that number in combat.

"Kahless has said ' The Way of a true Warrior is found in Death." DAt'oxo gave a toast. "Thine or your enemy's..." THe three men klinked mugs and downed a hearty swig of Blood Wine.

Zorc stood with his companions and sang.

jaj maH qab Hegh [we go face to death]
maH Suv vaD batlh je quv [We Fight for Glory and Honor]
Gorn qab tuH Daq may' [Gorn face shame in battle.]
Daq Hegh maj quv [Death we do Honor]
maH quv maj Heghpu' [We honor our dead]
bortaS maj Heghpu' maH DichDaq [Honor our dead we shall]

And at the End they roar to warn ahead that Warrior were coming...

Germite sat and drank his ale. He had been ready to die, to the point of pointing the ... the... he couldn't even remember which ship he had been on that he had been willing to sacrifice the ship as a large torpedo. As has been before, something had happened at the last possible moment to stop him dieting... He would drink today, because tomorrow, well, he might not die again tomorrow... Time would tell.

Tell was leaning against a bulkhead, a bottle of beer in her hand, she sipped it occasionally but not really tasting it. Her injuries were superficial just scratches and bruises nothing more. She'd seen to that herself rather than go to sickbay. With all the crew dead on the ship she was on and she was the only one to survive, was that a reason to celebrate? Tell raised her glass again offering a silent salute to those who didn't make it back.

Ro' moved among his crew. They were flat, dejected, and all but defeated. He stood with the Federation Captain and muttered, "This victory has the taste of defeat about it."

"Indeed", the other agreed. "And yet we turned back the Gorn.

"For now," Ro' conceded. "But with the destruction of the station, we have lost this sector. When they return, we cannot hold it. I will report to High Command that The fleet is withdrawing. It is not something a commander ever wishes to report, but I am the highest remaining officer, and it is my responsibility."

"Then you will return to Federation space?"

Ro' nodded, "We are still on secondment to the Bravo fleet to support Ambassador Haqtaj. But first, I have a crew to revitalize and bolster."

He moved to the front of the hall and bellowed to get everyone's attention.

"All hands! Today we wrestled a victory from total defeat. Some of you feel we lost today; that the cost was to high and the victory is only temporary. But I say NO! I say that every warrior that stands here with me this day is a victory. Every warrior who stands again to fight for the empire is a victory. Not just a victory for today, but a victory for every battle they have yet to fight. We are not defeated, for we are KLINGON!"

This got a cheer.

"To the crew of the USS Prospero, I say 'welcome, brothers'. This morning you woke as trainees, but tonight you sleep as warriors with a place in Sto Vo Kor! It is now just a question of which of us will get there first and get all the best Blood Wine."

A laugh moved through the crowd.

"And if this is not enough for you, remember that we have a TiQ here," Ro' gestured to Jared. "The deeds of today will be committed to songs which will outlast the Empire herself."

He stepped down from the podium and spoke in a more regular tone, "Now we have work to do."

"HIchop, I need a battle report that we can send to Klingon High Command. Get me a list of casualties from all the ships for the Rolls of the Honoured Dead."

"Tell, I need a damage report on the FHew."

"Aye Cap'n" she replied "I'll have it on your desk shortly along with a list of replacement parts we'll need too."

"Mike, if you are coming with us, I need a status report on our crew and medical capabilities. If we need to refresh any medical supplies let us do it now from the Prospero."

"We need the basics of practically everything after that." Mike sighed. "Ideally- I would have like a full overhaul of the med bay to make sure everything was still working as it should be, but I gather we only have time for a resupply. So I will have to make do with just restocking everything."

"May'bel, I want to know our weapon capabilities. What supplies do we need?"

"Ro' HoD," May'bel interrupted. "We are short three Marines."

Ro' frowned at his cousin, "I was not aware of any losses."

"No, sir," May'bel continued. "I was referring to these three Marines."

Ro' looked at Zorc and his two compatriates.

"On your feet, beq!" he barked.

Dat'oxo was only half an instant faster than his two men that remained with him, all stood with Pride of their achievements and honor from battle. They Bow as was custom and proper and straightened.

"chay' SoH ghaj maH ta' " [What will you have us do?] Dat'oxo asked without breaking eye contact.

"You are recommended by my Chief Marine, and a member of my House," Ro acknowledged. "I am sure you realise what it means if you do not live up to that recommendation."

"DIchDaq ghobe' quvHa' " [I will not dishonor you.] The response waqs crisp and clear. "Hegh Daq may' " {To die in battle.]

"Marie!" Ro' bellowed over his shoulder. "This is my Chief Tactical officer and Quartermaster. She will find you and your men quarters. Then, I want a tactical report from you on our combat readiness."

"DIchDaq taH ta'pu' " [It will be done.] Dat'oxo replied and put his hand across his chest as salute and the three turned as one unit to face the woman. "nuqDaq ta' maH Qong?" [Where do we sleep?] He asked of her.

Marie was tired. Sleep would be good, or getting very drunk. Either would do. Being yelled at by 'Ro was not on her list of preferred recreational activities. She turned on her heel and walked away without bothering to see if the Klingon was following.

The silent type of woman was the best in Dat'oxo's humble opinion; it kept the arguing to a minimum, so when she turned and left he followed with his men following suit as their training dictated. She seemed to be, in humanoid female terms, not a happy woman at the moment and at least the consideration not to take it out on Dat'oxo.

If she wished to speak he would acknowledge her, if not he would just let the female decide when to talk.

Normally, Marie would have taken out her anger by stomping all the way to the living quarters but she didn't even have the energy for that. She just wanted this task over and done with. When she arrived at her destination, she merely pointed. “Here.”

Then she turned and left them to it. After all, she told herself, it's not as if they're expecting any luxuries. And the only tip I'm likely to get is how to be nice to people. That I don't need.

"naDev DIchDaq ta'" [Here will do.] He told her. "leS vaj maH vum." [Rest then work.] He ordered his two men and turned to the female.; right hand across his chest in respect and a slight but proper bow before turning to enter the quarters.